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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 09/02/2012 , @ 01:55pm


    Everyones favourite, multifunctional tool mmCM has been updated, here is a quote from the changelog:

    * Increased max number of entries for directory listing in file manager to 3584 (from 2560), fixing issues with PSX/PS2/PS3 covers
    * Optimized scanning for network content (ISO/CUE+BIN) (Video, Music, Photo and Roms are also supported)
    * Added “4.10″ option in “System Firmware Version” to spoof reported version to the latest OFW 4.10
    * Added support for creating ISO images from PS2 DVD, PS3 BD, Blu-ray and DVD discs *directly* to remote host (remote file system must support 4GB+ file sizes)
    -> You can now create backups of your games and movies directly to your PC and play them remotely! (Blu-ray movies/DVD-Video titles may require additional decryption)
    * Added support for extracting ICON0.PNG for network PS3 ISO games, which don’t have .png/.jpg thumbnail in the remote folder (when game ISO is loaded)
    * Added support for extracting coverart (/BDMV/META/DL) for Blu-ray ISO movies, which don’t have .png/.jpg thumbnail in their folder (when movie ISO is loaded)
    * Added support for installing PKG package files from remote host (clicking over a .pkg file from /net_host folder in File Manager)
    * Added “Network” device-browse entries in PHOTO, MUSIC, VIDEO and RETRO columns to enable browse/view/playback functions for remote content
    * Added support for loading RETRO games (ROMS) from remote host
    * Added support for thumbnails for ROMS, PSX, PS2, PSP, BD and DVD titles
    * Added new game titles to internal database (PSX/PS2)
    * Fixed an issue which caused mmCM to lock during boot (on boot screen)
    * Fixed a potential issue which may have caused creating invalid *split* ISO files from PS3/BD discs (when output exceeds 4GB and is stored on USB)
    * NOTE 1: Playing video content from remote hosts requires caching to local storage
    * NOTE 2: For best compatibility with remote content, the following content folders are automatically created in the root folder served by ps3netsrv:

    ! - BDISO - for Blu-ray movie titles in ISO format
    ! - DVDISO - for DVD-Video titles in ISO format
    ! - PS3ISO - for PS3 games in ISO format
    ! - PSXISO - for PS1/PSX games in ISO or CUE+BIN format
    ! - PSPISO - for PSP games in ISO/CSO format
    (NOTE: Currently used ONLY for storing backups and not to play games)
    ! - PS2ISO - for PS2 games in ISO format
    (NOTE: Currently used ONLY for storing backups and not to play games)
    ! - MUSIC - for audio files in MP3 format
    ! - PICTURE - for image files in JPG/PNG format
    ! - VIDEO - for supported video files
    ! - ROMS - for supported RETRO games (gen/fba/vba/snes/fceu emulator subfolders)
    ! - PKG - for installable package files (.pkg)
    (NOTE: You can install packages from remote host in File Manager mode)
    ! - GAMES - for PS3 games in folder/jb format
    (NOTE: Currently used ONLY for creating/storing backups and not to play games)

    mmCM 04.01.01 is required before installing this update

    Source Tortuga Cove

    Download mmCM 04.01.00 - Base

    Download mmCM 04.01.01 - Update

  • Posted by Pirate , on 04/02/2012 , @ 05:48pm


    Some pretty cool updates from the Cobra team on their latest software/firmware update. The new update brings various bug features, and the ability to boot PS3 ISOs via network connection! Yes it is now possible to play your PS3 games from your PC.

    Changelog of Cobra USB Fw 5.0:

    - Added support to play isos from a PC using network connection. No more waste of time copying between PC and ps3, play directly from the files on your computer!

    Requires to run the supplied ps3netsrv server application (it is inside mmCM 04.01.00 download) on the PC, a version for windows and linux is provided (mac users can use the windows version with wine
    Note: when using wine, we recommend to run directly the command line ps3netsrv.exe and not the gui).

    Currently the following items can be played from network:

    * PS3 isos
    * PSX cue+bin or isos
    * Blu-Ray isos
    * DVD isos

    Currently the following items cannot be played from network:

    * PS3 games in JB directory format (planned for 5.1 release)
    * PSP isos (planned for 5.1 release)
    * PS2 isos (planned, but we cannot estimate the version)

    Although Cobra doesn’t restrict the isos from being loaded through wifi, wifi is too slow for most uses, we recommend to use a wired connection.

    - Optimized a bit the read of PS3 isos (15-20% gain in external disk, not noticeable in internal disk)

    - Added dynamic firmware version spoofer capabilities. You can set the spoof in mmCM settings. As Sony release new firmwares, the spoofer can be updated by updating mmCm, without
    need of updating Cobra USB fw. No system files are modified by the version spoofer, all take place in ram.

    Changelog of mmCM 04.01.00:

    * Changed: Nethost PC server application “ps3serv” is replaced by new windows/linux application “ps3netsrv”

    * Added support for playing PS3 and PSX games in ISO/CUE+BIN format from remote net_hosts (PCs connected to the LAN)

    * Added support for playing Blu-ray and DVD-Video movie titles in ISO format from remote net_hosts

    ! NOTE: For best performance and compatibility of the new net_host interface, a WIRED network may be required (Wi-Fi is also supported)

    ! NOTE: Root folders served by remote hosts must contain /PS3ISO, /BDISO, /DVDISO and /PSXISO folders to enable remote content

    * Added new option in SETTINGS column: “Network Servers” for setting up to 10 remote nethost IP:PORT values

    * Removed: *nethost* settings from options[_default].ini are ignored and no longer supported

    * Added new option in SETTINGS column: “System Firmware Version” for “spoofing” current FW version to 4.00 or higher

    * Added support for thumbnail images for remote BD/DVD/PS3/PSX ISO/BIN+CUE files (*.jpg / *.png)

    * Added support to copy files from one net_host to another

    * Added support to delete folders from remote net_host

    * Added support to view files in TextViewer from remote net_host folders

    * Added support to copy games and ISO images to remote host from SIDE menu ([TRIANGLE] in XMMB/XBDM/BOARD display modes)

    [Download Cobra FW 5.0]
    [Download mmCM v04.00.01 BASE]

    [VIA Cobra USB]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/01/2012 , @ 10:40pm


    The latest update to the multiMAN cobra manager has been released bringing various new and updated features. There are some interesting new updates being made on the manager :)

    To quote:

    * Added new display mode (Board 5x4x5), replacing the oldest “Game list (plain)” mode
    >”Board” display mode shows ICON0.PNG game images by default. You can use covers by changing the option “XMMB Icon Swap” in Settings

    * Improved File Manager visuals when used in SD resolution (480p/576p)

    * Fixed an issue, which prevented operation on CFW/MFW 3.41

    * Added support for showing PSN titles in all display modes from internal/external HDD (PSN titles cannot be loaded and you have to put empty RELOAD.SELF in game’s USRDIR folder to make it show!) (requested)

    * Added lastGAME2 and bdRESET applications

    * Added 11 new themes to the theme download section (total of 14 now)

    * Updated 15 language files

    * Added separate background images for Board and XBDM display modes (PSVBG.JPG and XBDBG.JPG)

    * Updated mmCM Original Theme (includes new images PSVBG.JPG, XBDBG.JPG, PBOX0.PNG, PBOX1.PNG)

    * Preparations to support loading of network PS3, DVD and Blu-ray ISO files

    * Preparations to support firmware version spoofer (auto-spoofing to latest official FW or to user-defined fixed version)
    > Required Cobra USB update will be announced when network ISO and firmware spoof support is available

    [Download multiMAN v04.00.01]
  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 15/01/2012 , @ 10:22am


    Im not sure how many of you have heard of cfwprophet and his team called TeaM AC1D, but they did an awesome XMB modification back in December 2010(check PS3 History 14th of December 2010).

    Well recently these guys have declared a war on the scum that create True Blue and similar DRM devices, here is a quote from cfwprophet:

    Finally, after a long period of a scene that got riddled by money hungry dongle suppliers we uncover this big scam and show you how things actually work.

    First of all, none of the code the dongles use comes from the creators. All files used come directly from higher PS3 firmwares. This works by using plugins / SPRX’s who are basically just drivers, from a higher PS3 firmware.

    To get games to work, you need to use the files from higher firmwares, that games require. Those plugins we are talking about, also have the decrypt information stored in them that the games use to work.

    Some of the newer SPRX’s are compatible with older firmwares and can be used on older firmwares quiet easily. All you need to do is place them in the right folder and that’s it.

    Of course this procedure doesn’t work with all the games quite so easy, some of the 3.6+ games load right away, others need some fixing. This fixing is done by patching the SPRX’s to work with the lower firmware. Porting the drivers, so they can work with lower firmwares should be the easiest task.

    Basically all this DRM does is nothing. The stick holds some drivers, like i explained earlier in this post, and lets the system use them. The HyperVisior LV1 Patches are nothing more then redirections to the USB stick / DRM fake.

    The USB stick holds some dev_flash files, the system then uses. Its basically the same thing we did in the early stages of the Custom Firmware to load modified files quick and easy.

    So after knowing all this, this explains why the dongles use DRM on their USB stick, simply to not let us see that they are really just scamming us with the cheapest materials they could find and some (by now old) dev_flash files stored in it. It’s nothing more, and I’m sure that TeaM AC1D will empower more things and work on more in the future then the dongles have in last months.

    We love Open Source and that’s why we share this information with you. This needs to be stopped and we should all join hands to finally put an end to all of this. Use this information and do what you have to do.

    Our respect goes out to Kakaroto, grafchokolo, Hermes, Deank, JaiCraB, Jjolano, Stoker25, Redsquirrel87, GeoHot, Condorstrike, Team Hades and everybody else we forgot to mention here.

    Don’t let yourself get fooled by these dongles guys and happy hacking to everyone!

    -Team AC1D-

    Source MonkeyDesk

    Thanks to Cage and SoulR3aper for bringing the news :)

    Personally TeaM AC1D have my support, these DRM dongles and the people who make them are scum and need to be wiped on the face of the PS3 Scene, whilst im not optimistic about much in the PS3 scene any more, i do wish the team all the best of luck, but with the PS3 scene being the way it is, everything is fake until proven otherwise, anyhow if the team want to use my anti-DRM logo below, anyone who wishes to use the logo i created are welcome to do so, as that is what a scene is about, sharing, not ripping people off~ GregoryRasputin

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 12/01/2012 , @ 06:15pm


    Team Cobra updated their multiMAN Cobra Manager to version 4.00.00 and added a nice little bonus: this version also works without the Cobra dongle, so everyone can updated their multiMAN to this latest version. Cobra features do not work without the dongle, but this way people without the Cobra CFW can have an updated version of multiMAN.

    For Cobra users:

    Added support for jpg/png covers for BD/DVD ISO files in “Coverflow” mode
    Added PIC1.PNG/SND0.AT3 (background image and music) support to lastGAME and “PSP Launcher” for PSP ISO files
    Improved performance when extracting CSO to ISO and when creating ISO files from folders
    SIXAXIS gyroscope affects screensaver mode (wave/tilt the controller to navigate the starfield)
    Improved “Coverflow” display mode
    Added preparations for experimental support for multi-disc PSX games in CUE+BIN or ISO format for up to 4 discs (“Required Cobra USB/FW update will be announced when PSX multidisc support is available”)
    mmCM 04.00.00 will work without CobraUSB dongle connected (See the ‘Second Quote’ below for more information).
    New mmCM users will have to install mmCM 04.00.00 FULL version.

    Cobra USB

    And this is the full changelog since DeanK released his last version 2.92.00

    Added function “Create ISO from folder”
    Support for *.0/.31, *.001/.032, *.66600/.66631 split file formats
    Join split files in file manager (select and copy the first file to get the rest joined)
    New display mode “XBDM” - XBOX Dash Clone
    Added option “Detect Game Title in ISO Images” to allow using ISO filenames and *not* scan for game names in local database
    Improved scanning for retro roms/iso and covers (populating the Retro column)
    New THEME format (.thm). One theme - one file. Easy installation within multiMAN/mmCM without going to XMB to install theme pkg files.
    mmTM - Easy to use PC application to create thm files from folders (separate download).
    multiMAN/mmCM will try to read disc volume labels and display in VIDEO column (BD/DVD entry) and in other display modes.
    Added indication (rotating refresh icon next to the column icon) when multiMAN/mmCM is loading/extracting title thumbnails (XMMB [mode)*]Added pop-up notifications when new versions of multiMAN/mmCM and Showtime are available for download
    Added pop-up notification when running low on disc space (less than 1GB on internal HDD)
    Added pop-up notification when multiMAN/mmCM successfully connects to nethost folders during startup (/net_host# in File Manager)
    Added support for downloading themes in a background thread (pop-up messages will notify user when download starts and completes)
    Added support for copying big (4+GB) files in File Manager to USB drives. multiMAN/mmCM will split source file when copying to USB.
    Changed option “Link Video Library to Showtime” - it will only create links for XMB Video files, but will not start Showtime
    Added shortcut (virtual folder) “XMB Video Files” when browsing HDD/USB drives in VIDEO column
    Added “Showtime Font Preference” option to select 10 different fonts for SHOWTIME media player (GUI and Subtitles)
    Added support to extract PSP CSO (compressed ISO) files in XMMB/XBDM display modes and File Manager (extracted image is saved in /dev_hdd0/PSPISO)
    Added shortcut to ISO folder when browsing external USB devices (PSP connected with memory stick /ISO folder, containing CSO and ISO files)
    Added music playback fade-out when leaving multiMAN/mmCM
    Added download progress indication in XMMB/XBDM modes - Web column. An entry will show current download filename and percentage of completion.
    Added TextViewer in File Manager (supported files colored in light blue). Supports viewing of ANSI/UTF plain text files.
    TextViewer controls: L1/R1 - PageUp/PageDown, L2/R2 - zoom out/in (50%-250%), R3 - change font, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - scroll/pan, L1/R1+SELECT - skip to start/end of file
    Added support for browsing Video, Games, Favorites and Retro (ROMS/PS1/PS2/PSP) in “Coverflow” display mode. Change content mode with UP/DOWN.
    Improved performance when extracting CSO to ISO and when creating ISO files from folders
    SIXAXIS gyroscope affects screensaver mode (wave/tilt the controller to navigate the starfield)* Improved “Coverflow” display mode

    Source: PS3Crunch
    Download: Download

  • Posted by Pirate , on 10/01/2012 , @ 05:54am


    Cobra has updated their multiMAN CobraManager to version 03.01.03. This update added some much requested features such like a download progress indicator to the manager.


    mmCM ver 03.01.03 FULL
    Added download progress indication in XMMB/XBDM modes - Web column. An entry will show current download filename and percentage of completion.
    Added TextViewer in File Manager (supported files colored in light blue). Supports viewing of ANSI/UTF plain text files.
    TextViewer controls: L1/R1 - PageUp/PageDown, L2/R2 - zoom out/in (50%-250%), R3 - change font, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - scroll/pan, L1/R1+SELECT - skip to start/end of file
    Added support for browsing Video, Games, Favorites and Retro (ROMS/PS1/PS2/PSP) in “Coverflow” display mode. Change content mode with UP/DOWN.

    In before the discussion starts: DeanK said he did not sell out. But we haven’t seen a new release in a while, what is your opinion on this matter?

    Source: PSX-Scene
    Download: Multi-Upload

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/11/2011 , @ 07:51pm


    CobraUSB dongle makers have integrated the most popular backup manager into their firmware: multiMAN, along with a few other updates.

    - Added MultiMan for Cobra in the download section.
    - Support for games with split files.
    - Bugfix: special keys of bdremote weren’t working in showtime.

    Multiman for Cobra changelog:

    * Full ISO and CUE+BIN support (incl. create ISO from folder)
    * Full Cobra support (PSX, PS2, PSP, PS3, ISO, BIN, CUE, BDM, DVD)
    * PSP UMD game support when PSP connected in USB+UMD mode
    * Support for *.0/.31, *.001/.032, *.66600/.66631 split file formats
    * Join split files in file manager (select and copy the first file to get the rest joined)
    * Mount ISO files in File Manager (to browse/copy contents)
    * New display mode “XBDM” - XBOX Dash Clone
    * Support for games with split big files (from external hdd)
    * BD/DVD Region options in SETTINGS column
    * Support for PS2 game covers (OPL format, i.e. SLES_123.45_COV.JPG) in /covers_retro/psx (over 2000 covers included)
    * Integrated Dongle Updater (in mmCM XMMB column)
    * Option to turn on blue/green dongle leds or turn them off completely
    * Integrated PSX, PS2 and PSP database for names and IDs (over 13000 entries) (for PSX/PS2 discs and PSP ISO/UMD files)

    For those reading the threads previous comments, there was a initial confusion on the update as CobraUSB labeled the release of multiMAN as version 3.00, and many people felt that this was an insult to multiMAN. However, our favorite dev deank has came out and posted about the matter here:

    So much accusations, blaming and calling names. I just managed to read all of that and don’t see the point.

    I’m actually glad that for the first time I see a clone/fork of multiMAN which has things and features ADDED. I’ve witnessed 4 or 5 releases of multiMAN, compiled by various users or sites, castrated and barely recognizable, renamed and published as ‘original work’ (there was no drama there, right?!), but this time some users get a better version, although limited to cobra dongle users. As I see it, the new stuff in mmCM is about cobra and it is nice that someone picked up on the ‘garbage source-code’ (as many qualified it numerous times few months ago), and managed to add useful features to it.

    I don’t care who uses mm’s source, so just stop the drama. The license says ‘you can do whatever you want with it’ and it doesn’t require that you include the modified source or anything. Check your English skills and re-read it. It requires that the redistributed package/version includes the license and it does - there is a ./usrdir/sys/LICENSE file in their distribution.

    As I see it - cobra usb users got a new option and that’s good - I like that now they can enjoy a multiMAN clone. Actually I feel kind of good that mm will reach more people. As for the mm 02.09.02 being the latest (not last) multiMAN version - well if I find something new to add - I’ll add it. I spent a year adding stuff and features and it looks good to me as it is now. If I find time - I’ll add more. If you find time to add something useful - add it - the source was there for 7 months and no one cared about that.


    A lil’ bit of love n’ appreciation is what we all need in the scene :)

    Download Cobra USB Firmware v4.2
    Download multiMAN v3.00.00 FULL for Cobra USB

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/10/2011 , @ 06:13pm


    Cobra Team released some updates for their dongle today.

    25 - 10 - 2011

    Cobra USB_Firmware v4.1

    Cobra USB Manager v4.1

    Cobra USB PS3 Updater v1.0

    - New firmware update, mainly focused on improving PSP support.

    - Improved compatibility with psp games. Some of the games that crashed early now run.

    - Added support for PSP savedata. Please note that in the previous release, savedata worked for isos that were generated from psp minis games. However, those savedata are incompatible with this new firmware. You can see psp savedatas under the ps3 savedata section in the XMB, not under the minis one.

    If savedata still doesn’t work in some game, please send us a message to our support email address.

    - Cobra USB Manager will now give an error when trying to load a prometheus patched PSP iso, as those aren’t compatible with the PSP emulator.

    - Added Cobra USB PS3 Updater to the download section. With this tool you can update the dongle using the PS3, require Cobra Firmware 4.0+ to work. Refer to the manual for instructions..

    Source: http://www.cobra-usb.com/

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 12/10/2011 , @ 07:32pm


    Cobra Manager v4.0.1 / Genps3iso v2.0

    - Small update to Cobra USB Manager and genps3iso to fix an important bug. No firmware update.


    - Under certain circumstances, Cobra USB manager and genps3iso would output an incorrect PS3 iso. This bug only affected a few games. In Cobra USB Manager, this bug only happened when creating an ISO from a PS3 game in jailbreak directory format, it didn’t happen when dumping an ISO from an optical disc.

    [Download Latest Version Here]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 05/09/2011 , @ 11:21am


    Cobra Firmware v3.2 More Features and bugs fixed.

    - Added support for PS2 backups in optical discs (CD-R/DVD+-R)

    - PS2 original games are now region free too.

    - Fixed a bug that caused incompatibility with several PS2 backups in iso format.

    - Fixed some remaining PAL/NTSC problems in PSX games.

    - Cobra USB Manager will output now a mds file too when dumping a dual layer DVD or PS2-DVD. This file is not used by Cobra at all, but it can be used

    for burning to a dual layer DVD+-R while keeping original layer structure. This is mandatory when burning dual layer PS2 dvd’s.



  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/08/2011 , @ 04:56am


    The COBRA MANAGER itself didnt look very appealing to pretty much anyone. it also has a lot of complaints about it too, “comes with a slick UI” ..yeah..well it does now

    After some FTPING [VIA ETHNET] into the COBRA directory, I found that the manager itself is just comprised of PNG files,[will explain more in a minute we have ALOT to cover]

    Everything you’ll need will be in a RAR file.

    What me and fffrage have accomplished we revamped the dull cobra manager to any skin you guys would like. fffrage created the templates, which you see, so please give him thanks. He did all the hard work. XD



    Now, for the tutorial.

    PART 1:

    To make things easier please make sure that the following programs are installed before hand.

    The pictures MUST be in 1920×1080 for this to work. A quick google will bring up aload of images in that resolution. If you have a picture that isnt in 1920×1080 you can create it with Infan View.

    1: Once you have the picture you want, load up Watermark Image, this is where you’ll be able to layer on top of the current image. Anyway, upload the picture you have chosen, untick “Resize Images” and “Use 3D depth map.”

    Where it says Output Format make put it up to 100, then change the output format to PNG.

    Click “File”, you’ll then be asked to upload the picture. Now click “Select Preview Image” This will bring up an image of the picture you have chosen.


    If the picture is of the wrong resolution and not [1920x1080] the teplate will turn your picture black.

    Now, where it says “Image used for watermarking”.

    It is best to keep everything in one directory so you know where it is. On your computer navigate to the “Templates” directory, select “Template 1″ and use that. So now you should have your chosen photo overlayed with the template youve just selected.

    Once you’ve created the templates, you will need to rename them as




    Then FTP them into /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234/USRDIR/

    Overwrite the exsisting files.

    Below is an explaination of whateach of the templates do.

    Templates Explained:

    Template 1:


    Change mode [Games3 Blu-Ray DVD PSX PS2]



    Template 2:

    OK Cancel

    Copys Disks To HDD

    Template 3:

    OK Cancel


    As i am a very avid fan of Final Fantasy VII and to show my apperication, ive decided to go with a FFVII Based Skin.
    You can use your own images, but they need to be 1920×1080 also in full colour.

    [its due to the manager itself the wording doesnt show up properly if you use a white or light based background ] We havnt found a way to change the fonts, or the colours used yet, but once we/ i have, this will be updated to reflect these changes.


    These 2 must be in PNG format, the Background should be in 1920×1080, which should be named PIC1

    Any Icon can be used but it has to be name as ICON0


    Now open up Audicity select the audio you would like to use [MP3]
    and drag the little finger icon across to where you’d like your music to finish.
    Go to “Edit” “Delete” so you are now left with a part you wish to use as your background music.

    If you would like your music to fade out select the end, 3 seconds will do, and then go to effects and select fade out.
    Now go to “File” and “Export As MP3″ you will need to install the lame_enc.dll file, which also be included in the pack.

    Once this is done

    Fire up Goldwave, go to File and select “Save As” and select WAV. then scroll down and select ATRAC3 66kbs. Now click save.

    Finally click on to GWAT.exe, drag and drop the pre-made X.wav file into it. Press “Goldwave” it will then say “X.wav looped” but it will save it as “Looped X.at3″


    Fire up FTP on your PS3 and whatever program you use, to FTP into it.

    Go to the following directory /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234. (im not joking that is the cobra directory >_<) Now copy the PARAM.SFO to your computer. Load up PS3SFO.

    It will complain about not being finished, ignore that. Load up the PRAMSFO file you’ve just ftp’d from your PS3.

    Once this has loaded, it will display “COBRA MANGER” you can edit this to whatever you’d like. Putting / wont work though.


    Keep FTP open and have your PS3 connected. Navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234. Open this folder and replace the SFO file, add PIC1, also ICON0, SND0.AT3

    Now go into USRDIR

    You will see a list of:

    dvd.PNG <- DVD ICON

    bd.PNG <- SAME AS THE DVD ICON BUT IN BLUE (yeah COBRA got lazy)

    back1.PNG <- It has the box with those buttons which i explained up above

    back2.png <- A box which displays where to copy your “digital goods” to.

    back.3.PNG <- Settings


    Watermark Image - for the image layering.

    Goldwave to make the SND0.AT3 file [background music]

    Sony ATRAC Codec

    GWAT - to make the sound loop.

    Audicity - to added fade out, and to cut parts out. (Thanks to linuxx for making the tune, and teaching me how to make proper SND0.AT3 files)

    PS3SFO EDIT- to change the name of the loader.

    Infan View - to change the resolution of photos.

    FILEZILLA -FTP Program

    PS3 ITEMS:

    ICON0: this is the icon which displays on the XMB

    PIC1: Adds a background to the program your about to run

    SND0: Its the background music which plays in some games, you can add your own though.


    The COBRA ICON to a more fitting one.

    Added a background when the “Manager” is highlighted & audio which loops too. - these can all be changed to your liking.
    (currently SHINRA BUILDING TUNE)

    Changed the name of the manager.

    Removed the normal to glassy versions.

    This wouldn’t of been possible without you guys XD


    more skins = D




    This wouldn’t of been possible without you guys XD

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/08/2011 , @ 01:27pm


    Im sure most of you already know about the Cobra USB device, that enables backing up and playing of PS1/PS2/PS3 games/ISO’s, we posted information about the dongle here.

    So with all the awesome details, you are probably wondering how good the device is, that’s where these two great reviews come in, the first is by PS3HaX member gliitch, the creator of GAXMB(gliitch’s Awesome XMB), it is both a review and a tutorial on how to get started using the device, the other great review is by PS3HaX member Persian McLovin

    gliitchs Review/Tutorial(Click to view)

    Persian McLovin’s Review(Click to view)

    We are in no way affiliated with the Cobra team, this article is created, merely to help our members make up their minds and with two awesome reviews, this should help a lot :)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 19/06/2011 , @ 07:09am


    It seems that the Cobra usb dongle has now been upgraded to add PS2 ISO support for backwards compatible models. Earlier it was reported that PS1 games were fully supported by the dongle on all models of the PS3. Here is a quote regarding from the website

    We have released Cobra Firmware v2.0 and Cobra USB Manager v2.0, which are both available from the downloads page. Changes in this release include:

    Added the ability to play PS2 ISO backups from CECHC and CECHE backwards compatible consoles. Support for the remaining backwards compatible models, CECHA and CECHB, will come in a future update

    PS3, PSX, DVD and BluRay ISO’s can now be played without a real disc inserted in the PS3. Support for discless PS2 backups will come in a future update

    Added an option for those users without a PS2 backwards compatible PS3 (including Slims) to test PS2 original games and ISO backups using the PS2 software only emulator which is by default included with all PS3′s. Please note however that as the software only emulator is slow and very buggy, this feature is disabled by default and is only intended as a gimmick

    Cobra USB manager can now make PS3 ISO’s from backups in the standard “Jailbreak” directory format, using the copy function

    Cobra USB manager is now less strict with cue/bin filenames

    Bugfix: Cobra USB Manager was unable to get the PSX CD-ROM/CD-R title, and displayed “PSX-CDROM” instead

    Bugfix: Under rare circumstances, Cobra USB Manager could dump invalid PS3 discs

    The necessary download files can be found at the source.



  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/03/2011 , @ 07:58pm


    A new USB dongle is stirring up fire known as “Cobra-USB” this new dongle brings many new features to FW 3.41 users that FW 3.55 jailbreakers do not have.

    To quote full set of features (** is the “world first” features):

    Cobra USB - The Ultimate PS3 USB solution!.
    • ** Blu Ray Movie region free functionality
    • ** Allows you to play Blu Ray movie ISO’s from HDD
    • ** Allows you to play DVD movie ISO’s from HDD
    • ** Integrated support to play PS1 game ISO’s from HDD
    • ** Integrated support to play PSP mini games from HDD
    • ** Enjoy PS3 games with files >4GB on external USB HDD

    • Supports FAT and SLIM PS3 consoles any region
    • Supports versions up to 3.50 (console must be running 3.41)
    • Play PS3 games from internal HDD
    • MCU firmware and flash firmware updatable using easy to use free PC updater
    • First class customer support and free regular firmware upgrades
    • No need to open your console, just plug and play
    • High quality components and materials used throughout
    • Unique and built from scratch Cobra USB manager featuring slick U.I. and customized options with easy navigation
    • Actel based encryption engine onboard to prevent device cloning
    • Fast onboard 2 Mbyte SPI flash for firmware storage
    • High quality onboard MCU
    • Easy mode selection via switch (PC update, PS3 downgrader, regular PS3 device mode)
    • Downgrader functionality included free of charge, allowing users to upgrade firmware to and from 3.41 at will
    • Multi lingual user interface (English, Spanish and French as standard with more languages to be supported later)

    ** = World’s first implementation

    It does sound “too good to be true”, however PSX-Scene reports the legitimacy of this products with the distributors. We will find out soon enough if this USB stick holds true to its word :)

    [Product Page]