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  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 03/02/2012 , @ 09:04pm


    Crashserious is on a roll today, releasing a PS3 app to set jailbroken PS3s to service mode/factory mode without the need of a JIG stick. This method simplifies those who wish to downgrade their PS3s easily via PKG.

    To quote:


    Look Ma, No Downgrade Dongle


    In keeping with our Red Valentines theme this month… we release another red themed app. Tonight, in our second release we bring you a second handy app that continues our commitment to the removal or the need for ANY dongles. A simple app that should likely make it into everyone’s PS3 tool set. An XMB application that places the PS3 into factory service mode. Now, You can now throw away that downgrade dongle! Also, as an added bonus we’ve included CEX and DEX versions of the pkg.

    Psgrade was ported to all sorts of devices, even calculators … none of those external devices are needed any longer! You may now re-purpose them!

    When you run the app it will beep once and reboot if successful. Three beeps indicates a failure, report the contents of factory.txt in this thread for help. (Factory.txt will save to the USB flash if you put on in the right most USB port of the PS3.) At this point you will come back up in Factory Service Mode (FSM). Place the Lv2Diag.self on the USB the Lv2diag.self will perform its intended purpose automatically. So be aware of that feature should you not be expecting the PS3 to boot back into the non-FSM XMB.

    This app will not work on any of the “reDRM” firmwares, aka Cobra or TrueBlue CFW.

    Install the appropriate pkg for your system; FactoryServiceMode.gnpdrm.pkg for CEX and FactoryServiceMode.pkg for DEX.
    Run the app and listen for the beeps, you should enter FSM automatically.
    Place the desired Lv2Diag.self files on the root of a USB flash drive, ensuring they are named Lv2diag.self. The one included with this release simply exits FSM. Do NOT use the RSOD Lv2Diag released earlier unless you have RSOD.
    Place the USB Flash Drive in the right most USB port of the PS3.
    Restart the PS3. When it boots up, you will be out of FSM.
    Enjoy sticking it to the dongle makers in your own little way.

    The app detects the firmware you are running on so it should work on all the firmwares supported by “one” previously. (3.15, 3.41, and 3.55. Basically, Ones that are lower than 3.56.) During creation of this tool, the open-source ps3toolchain, and a slightly modified make_self were utilized. All code is original and makes use of no previously released or copyrighted code, this Lv2diag.self is made 100% with the PSL1GHT SDK so it can be shared freely and without concern for breaking any laws in your country. So, “no sony code inside!”


    Q: Can I use this with the RSOD fix self you released earlier?
    A: You should only use the RSOD fix Lv2Diag.self to repair a RSOD PS3. Use the suplied Lv2diag.self packaged with this release to simply get out of service mode.

    Q: I’m having problems… help!!!!?!?!?!?
    A: Post the contents of the factory.txt, which is stored on the root of the USB flash drive where you put Lv2Diag.self, along with a detailed explanation and we will try to help you out. Without the contents of the factory.txt file… we will not be able to help.

    Q: Why didn’t you just name the release .self file Lv2diag.self and save us a step?
    A: We intend to release more fun tools for you at some point, this just helps you keep them straight from the start.

    Q: I get a 80010505 error in factory.txt on the USB drive sometimes. HELP!?!?!
    A: We noticed this on one Phat CECHG system in testing. but could not replicate it on other PS3′s and it only occured after the initial run from a power on of the PS3. In this case, every time we ran it a second time the application worked with out fail. Try again and post the factory.txt if the problem persists.

    Q: Could you have made this just a little easier to use?
    A: Nope! ;-)

    [Download Files]
    [VIA PSX-Scene]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 05/01/2012 , @ 06:22pm


    The E3 Team, sent us some exciting news regarding their E3 flasher, the new version now does Dual Booting, here is a quote from the team:

    2012 new year gift from E3 team.

    1:Fast dual boot is now available. There are no brick risk any more! (Cause the operations are done on E3 onboard NOR instead of PS3 NOR flash)
    All E3 flasher limited and E3 nor flasher can operate this way, click
    here to download file.

    We’re now producing 1000 more pieces of E3 flasher Limited version for those interested on dual boot.

    2: E3 TBJB2CFW CHECKOFF available , the E3 flasher downgraded console can also works with TBJB2, click here to download file and enjoy new game.
    Please note you still need the TBJB2 device. You can install this CFW on PS3 with recovery MODE or re-downgrade PS3 with this file, instead of STEP1 PS3UPDAT.PUP file.

    3: E3 MOVE SUIT , the first third-party PS3 MOVE controller suite will be released soon, it will be fully compatible with all PS3 fat and slim, there will be many available colors, more comfortable design and more economic price to bring you a better enjoyment. You have a better choice now to add to the original accessories.

    The E3 MOVE SUIT include 4 parts :
    E3 Navigation Controller, E3 motion controller, E3 Camera , and E3 camera stand

    For more information, check their site:

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/10/2011 , @ 03:30pm


    Most of you should already know what the E3 flasher is, for those of you who have been living in a cave and don’t know what it is, read this thread.

    For those of you thinking of buying it, but unsure of how easy/hard it is to install Chris from ChrisTechTV has released a video tutorial on how to install the E3 Flasher.

    At the moment the E3 flasher only supports flashing NOR consoles, so here is a compatibility list:

    Finally the Video Tutorial:

    Source ChrisTechTV Facebook

  • Posted by Pirate , on 17/09/2011 , @ 04:41pm


    PS3Hax member, Rogero, has released Rogero  CFW version 2. This CFW is for people that have downgraded their consoles. This new release is much more stable and has the famous Kmeaw CFW as the “base”.

    To quote:

    This is a better optimized version of the previous MFW released, This one is a Custom firmware
    built manually by patching and packing the files and the final PUP package using the well known
    “failoverflow” public set of tools and having “Kmeaw” as the base firmware unlike it’s previous
    version which was a Modified firmware built using the famous MFW builder application and using
    an OFW3.55 as the base firmware.

    Full thread+download can be seen HERE or at the Discuss in Forums link.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 12/09/2011 , @ 09:54am


    For those of you that have Progskeet, AnGeL DiGiTaLAnGeL.iT has released a patchfile.txt needed for proskeet “patcher”, here is a quote from the source:

    | ProgSkeet Patcher’s PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 patchfile |
    | by |
    | AnGeL |
    | WwW.DiGiTaLAnGeL.iT |
    |============================= HOW TO USE IT ================|
    |-Just extract the folder “downgrade v2 ProgSkeet” anywhere on your PC. |
    |-Open WinSkeet40000/LinuxKeet/iSkeet on your computer. |
    |-Create a dump of your 3.70 OFW if you haven’t already done it. |
    |-Call it “OFW370.bin” -IT MUST BE A BYTESWAPPED DUMP!- |
    |-Open the “Patcher” tab and select “OFW370.bin” as the input file. |
    |-Select the progskeet_patch.txt as the patch file. |
    |-Go for it :) Now you have a fully working downgrade.bin to flash ! |
    |This release is based on the patchset of the downgrade v2 released by |
    |dospiedra, and you should check BYTESWAP while reading NOR and when you |
    |flash your downgrade.bin file back! |
    |-uf6667. |
    |-Ago. |
    |-bmx. |
    |-and dospiedra for his work :) Kudos to him for the downgrade patches! |

    Source And Download

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 10/09/2011 , @ 05:23pm


    Remember Rogero? The man behind Rogero Backup manager? Well he has released some information about the downgrade from 3.70 by Dospiedras and states that any MFW that does not have LV1.self file patched to Disable all checks will result in a brick.Now he has released his own MFW that fixes this trophy error.

    Last night I had the chance to try and downgrade a Slim Ps3 (JSD-001 board with Spansion NOR) version 3.70 to CFW 3.55 using Dospiedra’s downgrade v2 patches.

    I managed to get a clean dump of the NOR using my ProgSkeet (latest QT port used), created a patched Downgrade.bin image

    using the 6 patched files from Dospiedra and a hex editor, then I flashed the image to the PS3 NOR, dumped the NOR another

    time and verified that all was written fine.

    Then I continued with the normal downgrade procedure, go into service mode, update using the 3.55_no_check.PUP, then exit

    service mode and all was good, it was back into CFW 3.55.

    Here the problems started, I tried to start a game and I got the famous Trophy error, so I decided to update it to my

    personal Modified Firmware, so I started the update and after installing the firmware, the PS3 turned off by itself,

    I tried to turn it on again, It turned on for almost 2 or 3 seconds then turned off completely ( No Screen Output, No Red Led either )

    so I knew-ed at this point that the PS3 was Bricked

    N.B: this was never mentioned in any of the downgrade tutorials floating on the net, although this is a very important point

    to warn the users who are downgrading their Ps3 machines not to update using usual Modified firmwares unless the firmware

    have the LV1.self file patched to Disable all checks, anything else will result into a Bricked PS3, and this is not good at

    all especially if the Hardware flasher used to downgrade was removed from the Ps3′s NOR or Nand Flash.

    After doing some research and discussing the issue with my friend eussNL <- a wiki by himself

    I realized what happened to the Ps3, after the downgrade procedure, the machine’s syscon still had a version > 3.55

    (3.56 or higher) and this needs a Patched LV1.self (checks disabled) in the NOR for the PS3 to be able to boot fine, and when

    I updated it to my own MFW, the LV1.self file in the NOR was replaced with a non-patched version (checks enabled) and the PS3

    detected the higher syscon version (3.56+) and Bricked.

    To Fix it, I had to re-flash the NOR again with the patched Downgrade.bin image (to get rid of the patched LV1.self)

    then the Ps3 was fixed and booting fine again.

    At this point, the Ps3 was working again, but the Trophy problem was always there, so I prepared another Modified firmware with

    3.70 spoof, Privacy Patch and this time the LV1.self Checks Disabled

    (the patches were provided by eussNL too so Credits here goes to him),

    then while still having Progskeet soldered to the NOR flash, I updated the Ps3 with the new MFW, everything

    went fine, and it rebooted fine into the XMB, did some tests and the Trophy problem was gone for good and all games working fine.

    For all the users who had successfully downgraded their PS3 machines to 3.55 again, I share with you my MFW with Lv1 Checks patched to bypass the 3.56+ syscon version and prevent any brick after updating to it, and to get rid of the annoying Trophy problem encountered after the usual downgrade procedure.

    Download Rogero’s MFW - Fixes Trophy Error



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/09/2011 , @ 06:50am


    Now whilst others try and stall the scene, by leaking information and other important stuff that should be kept secret, there are decent people hard at work, trying to keep the scene alive, like the cool guys at Digital Angel, who have released this important application, which works in conjunction with Progskeet, here is a quote from the source:

    Hi Guys!
    Today i would like to introduce you the new step in the Progskeet evolution: the “QT” Flasher…

    The actual public version is a bit “buggy” and difficult to use, and it works well only on Windows XP, as Windows 7 and other OS have compatibility problems with it (some are just crappy things that you can fix with some tricks, while other makes the Flasher crash).
    During the last times, the Flasher developer which constantly works on it to improve the stability and the features, has gave a big push to the Flasher, making the choice of using a powerful and multi-platform framework such as QT!
    QT is a framework which can allow the developer to write a program and make it work the same way on the 3 main platforms : Windows,Linux and Mac OS X without worrying about write tons of lines to make it work on the currently running platform: QT will do the dirty work for you.
    Because of this, @uf6667, helped by two other good coders named Ago and bmx, started to port the original Flasher to QT… and as always we (DiGiTaLAnGeL) and some others have the privilege to beta-test this new and awesome version of the Flasher.
    Let’s start with some hightlights: at the moment, the version we have is the Windows one, which then will be called WinSkeet40000,followed by Linuxkeet (Linux) and iSkeet(MAC OS X).

    The interface is full of new things… and for now we can use these features:

    The “evil” progskeet.log is gone, and the event log is now embedded in the flasher itself, in realtime!
    You can manually read,write and now erase too.
    You can use presets and create new ones, matching your NOR/NAND flash -now there are some presets for the PS3 flashes and XBOX360 NAND-.
    You can change the write method, between buffered write (the default one) or use the “single word” or “double word” mode (you can use it when something goes wrong or your tasks fails).
    Now the flasher is splitted in tabs: “Common”,”NOR”,”NAND” and “Patcher” making it more easier and faster to use.
    The byteswap function is still here, working flawlessly on both writing and reading.
    You can use the “patcher” tab:useful to apply patch to your dump on the fly.
    There is an option to change to refresh-cycle of the flash (for slower/faster flashes).
    Progskeet Flasher is being translated! For now there are english,french and german languages :) -italian and all the others are coming-
    The “verify” task is now done at the end of the read->erase->write process.

    Source And Download

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 20/08/2011 , @ 06:05am


    You don’t want to downgrade your PS3 on OFW 3.70 (you’ll loose all your data), but want to enjoy Homebrew and capabilities of Official Firmware 3.70 with one Console? Then this is the right tutorial for you. DiGiTaLAnGeL from Italy has managed to “fast-swap” between Custom Firmware (3.55) and Official Firmware (3.70) with the ProgSkeet Flasher and a second Harddrive.

    English Version for international blogs, greetz from Italy -Google Translate sucks- (and my english too… sorry )
    Today i’ll write a tutorial to “fast-swap” between CFW 3.55 and OFW 3.70, using 2 HDDs… at the end of the tutorial, you i’ll be able to swap between the firmware just flashing a dump on your PS3 using Progskeet. (instead of downgrading and loosing all data).
    The first steps are not so easy, so take your time and go on, by the way, you must have some skill with Progskeet, and it must be 100% working on your console.
    What we need:

    • PS3 Slim running with FW 3.70
    • 2 Hard Disks
    • Progskeet installed and working on your PS3 Slim
    • Downgrade.bin edited with your personal data (there are tons of tutorials for do this)
    • 3.55 Downgrade Dongle to do the downgrade process.
    • Sony OFW 3.70 UPDATE.(DOWNLOAD)
    • CFW 3.55 KMEAW “NO CHECK” by dospiedra.(DOWNLOAD)
    • Lv2Diag By Jaicrab. (DOWNLOAD)
    • Lv2Diag “FILE 2″ to go out of Service/Factory Mode. (DOWNLOAD)

    We need 2 HDD because the NOR flashes stores some parts of the current FW on the HDD… so we will need 2 HDDs, one is for 3.55, and one is for 3.70..
    We will call those HDD “A” (for 3.70) and “B” (for 3.55) dont mix them up!

    Starting with a PS3 Slim with OFW 3.70.

    1. Plug in HDD “B”, format and prepare it if it’s required by the PS3 and you should have your 3.70 up and running.
    2. DUMP your actual NOR and call it “original dump 3.70.bin”
    3. Now flash your “downgrade.bin” (edited with the personal data found in “original dump 3.70.bin”)
    4. Turn on your PS3 and be sure that the PS3 is asking you to press the PS button (downgrade.bin flashed correctly )
    5. Insert a 3.55 Downgrade dongle and enter factory/service mode.
    6. Copy Lv2Diag.self by Jaicrab and the 3.55 NO CHECK UPDATE renamed as “PS3UPDAT.PUP” in the root of your USB Stick.
    7. Plug in the USB Stick in the most-right USB port of your PS3 and wait for it to turn OFF.
    8. Leave the factory mode using the other Lv2Diag.self
    9. After the reboot, you need to configure and set up your system… now you have a fully working 3.55 CFW based on KMEAW “NO CHECK”.
    10. DUMP your actual NOR and call it “swap dump 3.55.bin”
    11. Unplug HDD B and Plug in HDD A.
    12. Turn on your PS3, plug in your USB Stick containing official 3.70 update and press start+select when asked.
    13. When the PS3 reboots, check that the system is fully working and DUMP your actual NOR and call it “swap dump 3.70.bin”.

    NOW IT’S OVER! You should have “swap dump 3.55.bin” and “swap dump 3.70.bin” … Now you just have to swap HDD and flash the corrispondent dump:
    HDD A = swap dump 3.70.bin
    HDD B = swap dump 3.55.bin

    WARNING: Do not install other CFW than the “NO CHECK” one… because it’s used to make the “fast-swap” working… if you flash something different you will not be able to go between the 2 FWs. This CFW disable the Syscon checking at the startup… so it will not freeze or complain when the syscon says “3.70″ and your FW is 3.55

    WARNING: In case you wanna update your console with a future “3.80″ or-so firmware. Do not update your console when you are running 3.55 firmware! You have to go to “swap dump 3.70.bin” and then update as usual (XMB or recovery)… -By the way, the downgrade is confirmed working only on 3.70… we haven’t tested it on other FWs, you could loose the possibility to go back to 3.55!-

    Source and Italian Tutorial

  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/08/2011 , @ 05:21pm


    Most of you have heard the news of the PS3 slim downgrade on firmware 3.70, helping those buying newer or updated PS3 slim consoles to the scene. At the moment push aside “soft modding” and its time to bring on the good ole’ soldering iron back out.

    This new method of downgrading basically requires the soldering of a multi-console-compatible chip known as ProgSkeet (or clone) which you can find or purchase HERE…or you can use Teensy++ board if you still have those from the good dongle days. A solder-less ProgSkeet is in the works, more info here.

    Now the original tutorial was released in a very technical form and in Spanish, but we at PS3Hax have got you covered, and are bringing you easy to follow tutorial that a noob can follow on. This tutorial is long, but it is more detailed than complicated, making sure your bases are all covered.

    So lets get started, this tutorial is split into multisteps. You should also check out the posts made here, and the posts that will be made in this thread to get assistance. The following tutorial was modified from the original Spanish translation by Dospiedras1973, and the tutorial/images were modified from PS3Hax member Mattr92 tutorial over at his site: RootedSystem and and thanks to the many PS3Hax members that brought us the proper/native translation of the original instructions :) .

    Highly advised you read this tutorial fully once, and then again and read the comments in this thread and the other threads linked above to get a GOOD understanding of what your getting yourself into and how the entire process works. Remember, this should be a fun and rewarding experience :)

    DISCLAIMER: PS3Hax.net is not responsible for any damage caused to your system. We do not claim credit for this method, we simply have compiled and reorganized the information so it is easier to follow. I  kindly request for other sites to not rip this entire tutorial to their websites, but instead link to this page if you wish to share it on your webpage. This page will be actively updated so please keep checking back to find solutions to encountered/discovered problems.

    STEP 1 - Preparation

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    STEP 2 - Some Background

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    STEP 3 - Installing ProgSkeet

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    STEP 4 - The NOR Dumping

    Now the actual work begins and the part you all have been waiting for, the NOR dumping!

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    Step 5: Flashing your PS3

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    You have now successfully downgraded, and installed 3.55 KMEAW CFW on your PS3! You can check out our forums for more info on various homebrew, or drop by our tutorial section for more neat things you can do with your unlocked PS3 :) .

    Problem Solving Tips:

    FAQ: USB Formatting SelectShow

    Error: libusb0.dll or libusb0.sys not found SelectShow

    Error: side-by-side configuration is incorrect SelectShow

    Useful Resources:

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    Thanks to dospiedras1973, eussNL, and uf6667 for helping me refine/write this guide.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 16/08/2011 , @ 06:35pm


    OFFICIAL PS3HAX TUTORIAL CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/08/noob-tutorial-how-to-downgradeflash-your-ps3-from-firmware-3-70-to-3-55-via-progskeetteensy-and-install-3-55-kmeaw-cfw/

    Important updates to this article follow below. Spanish Developer dospiedras1973, has released his method to downgrade Slim PS3 Consoles on firmware 3.70, here is a roughly translated native spanish-to-english quote from the source:

    Hello everyone, i finally got it, we have a downgrader for slims consoles , this time a bit different that i did with fat models, i made it by the two flashers, progskeet and teensy ++,dope

    We need:
    fat or slim console with nor updated to 3.70 “DO NOT TRY With ANOTHER VERSION”Solution to write and read the nor of the console ( flasher progskeet or teensy + +)
    hxd program (which I use to edit hex)
    FlowRebuilder v.
    a cold beer (this is important)
    Http://pastebin.com/yuvJ5Leh Downgrade.bin

    First we dump our NOR with a flasher, the file size must be “16,777,216 bytes” no byte more or a byte less, take several to be absolutely sure of what you do..get the dump “example jakemcallister.bin”and we have to get it in flowrebuilder to make it readable,the option is called bytereverse dump and extract

    we do it and we will have a file but the extension will be bin.REV open it with the hxd and take out our personal data of the console EID, BOOTLOADER, CSID and METLDR

    no need to put more data
    We get it with the following way:in this case we get our METLDR in our prepatched image for downgrade attached in this tutorial
    inside the folder where flowrebuilder had placed our.rev also has created another folder called “nameofthedump.EXT”in there are our personal files of our console and we need to get some to place em inside the pre-patched image that i attached

    Open the hxd and open downgrade.bin and the metldr file that is inside the folder asecure_loader, we pick the tab on the hxd metldr and copy all the HEX content to get in inside the downgrade.bin
    press control + g and write “820″thats the position of the metldr right click on the first line of the position 820
    And choose “paste writing” and in the same way we introduce the other ones
    the files to get in are
    :METLDR: offset“810″ size “E960″
    BOOTLOADER_0 Offset“FC0000″ size “40000″
    EID: Offset “2F000″ size “10000″
    CISD: Offset“3F000″ size “800″

    then we take the downgrade.bin with the saved changes and we get in flowrebuilder with the option bytereverse dump and extract
    This time the program will give us a error, but is a normal error, in fact is okay and will give us a file called downgrade.bin.REV

    And thats the file you have to get in in the “flash” console
    if all went well at writing ,turn on the console and you will see in the screen press the ps button or in English push ps button, DONT PRESS ANYTHING, turn off the console and put it in factory service mode, once done we need to put the correct file system for 3.55 lv2diag of jaicrab without reader and a special cfw

    lv2diag:http://www.logic-sunrise.com/telecharge … icrab.html
    cfw: http://pastebin.com/03MFDLGV turn onthe console with the usbstick with these two files in the right usb port (in the last) of the console and it will shut down for 10 / 15 minutes, turn on the console without any usb connected to verify that you did it correctly it will take you to xmb,
    If all went well turn off the console and put your lv2diag
    FILE2 of this pack:http://pastebin.com/gGETcxMR

    the console will turn on for 20 seconds will turn off itself and CONGRATULATIONS you have your console in functional 100% and kmeaw cfw 3.55 100%

    Thanks to
    :D iGiTaLAnGeL (Tester with progskeet)
    Glevand & mfw builder team (cfw)
    NDT (Assistant) is a very good person
    JaiCraB (lv2diag without reader)
    Robs1 (my guide with the nor flash)
    EussNL (his great support in the wiki that I use every day PS3DEVWIKI.COM)
    Defyboy (for creating ps3devwiki)
    To the whole channel darkps3 from irc-hispano.org for their support and many hours of testing we have hit hard mother****ers!
    DemonHades (because if you had not post on your website with the lie you said about me, I had not met DigitalAngel or uf6667and these two helped me a lot)

    and finally to the people who asked me in private to place a donate paypal button

    greetings and from now on i will resume my work with the dual nand and that dump 3.6x that gives me so many problems hehehe

    Ive updated the position of METLDR that was misplaced offset 810 ” e960″size


    UPDATE 1:

    dospiedras1973 has updated the post with the following new details:


    i fixed metldr location and leght please update

    METLDR : offset “810″ size “E960″

    UPDATE 2:

    PS3Hax member mximposter has brought us a correct and actual Spanish to English translation, the big quote box above has been edited to reflect this change.

    UPDATE 3:

    Dospiedras1973 was kind enough to post this update here on PS3HaX:

    psicoleo, uf6667 and I have made an application to automate the use hex editors to modify the downgrade.bin


    bytereversed you put your flash in donor and recipient and will downgrade.bin in the process hxd without … xD

    you not need hex edit anymore…

    and “If at any time during the downgrade DISPLAY RED (RSOD) STOP PROCESS IMMEDIATELY I WILL RELEASE A FIX SOON” Please be patient

    UPDATE 4:

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 15/08/2011 , @ 06:23pm


    Remember this? Well the same person has been in contact with an Italian team called DiGiTaLAnGeL and through twitter they have announced that they managed to downgrade a PS3 slim from 3.70 down to 3.55 CFW using the well known NAND/nor flasher Progskeet. This looks like good news for the scene and people stuck on 3.70. They have said that a tutorial will be released soon.

    To quote:

    For the first time, we have been involved in something truly spectacular

    We were the first in the world to test the downgrade from 3.70 to 3:55 on a PS3 Slim (With flash memory, ” NOR “) using the ProgSkeet and patched some files provided by dospiedra, a famous Spanish coder already discovered on the crest of the wave for the method of going back to 3:55 / 3:41 with the PS3 (FAT flash memory “NAND”).

    After several attempts, in collaboration with dospiedra, we got to go back from 3.70 to 3:55, enter the factory mode with a simple key to jailbreak, rifleshare a modified version of 3:55 to prevent the SYSCON (the registry in between downgrades) was consulted during the downgrade and now we are happily at 3:55 KMEAW!

    With this version of moddata 3:55, you can perform a memory dump today and you can switch on the fly from 3:55 to 3.70 without having to make all this long procedure times: progskeet using it you can go straight to 3.70 changed to 3:55!

    Dospiedra said it will release details on the patches applied to the NOR and the update file as soon as possible.

    New life for those who arrived too late to enjoy the benefits of the 3:55?——Google Translate

    It has also been announced by uf6667 (developer behind Progskeet) that a surprise is waiting for 3.56-3.70 users.

    [VIA DigitalAngel Release Site]

    [VIA Twitter]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 13/07/2011 , @ 01:19pm


    According to PS3Crunch, there is a new Hardware Flasher for the PS3 in the work. The microchip allows you to Flash or Dump your PS3 (NOR and NAND consoles) and even allows you to downgrade from 3.56+ Firmware.

    Official Homepage

    Source PS3Crunch and Twitter

  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/05/2011 , @ 05:59pm


    Important updates at the Read More link. While the PS3 scene is slow now a days and some of you are dreading for the return of PSN, Mathieulh has posted some interesting discoveries on his Twitter. Mathieulh has managed to QA Flag his PS3 and show the hidden options available for it. Before I go on, most of you are probably wondering what in the world does QA Flagged mean?

    To quote:

    QA flag is the internal console flag used by Sony, it enables hidden options and removes restrictions for both retail and debug consoles alike. It is used for QA centers and the R&D Department, there are 2 levels of QA flags, Minimum and Advanced, this console has been set to the Advanced one.

    Now Mathieulh has come out and said that he will not be telling us how he did this, but nonetheless very cool and it will be interesting to see where this will lead to.

    The video below:

    To quote video description:

    I just QA flagged my Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition console and I thought I’d show you the hidden options for the sake of it. (and because I was bored)

    I am sorry for the unstable camera, I only have two hands and the options are hidden and require (along with the actual flag) a crazy button combo to pop up. (I kid you not)

    Sorry I am not telling you how to do this, please do not ask.

    Yes, this video is real

    Here are some interesting Tweets made regarding this:

    Mathieulh Mathieulh:
    @dantezteam It’s an UNMODIFIED RETAIL FIRMWARE.

    @KaKaRoToKS For various reasons, one of them being that you can warez with this, and the flag stays even after updating.

    @KaKaRoToKS The QA flag happens to remove a bunch of restrictions that have the side effect of preventing you to warez.

    @dantezteam The console is QA flagged, The firmware checks for this flag and will enable special features when it finds it.

    @dantezteam Basically it’s what Sony themselves use to allow special debugging on their consoles and loosen restrictions.

    @KaKaRoToKS By the way, Advanced QA flag enables downgrading, just my 2 cents… xD

    UPDATE 1: (more…)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 13/01/2011 , @ 02:17pm


    Sup folks, it seems like the 3.55 firmware downgrader has been released (3.55 to 3.41), we reported previously that kakarot was working on a method to downgrade using a PUP file, but decided not to release it because it only worked in one machine, but now there is hope for you 3.55 users the downgrader has been released. (more…)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 07/01/2011 , @ 12:29pm


    KaKaRoToKs has sure been busy these last few days. Today he posted on his Twitter that he and Xtse have managed to downgrade PS3 FW 3.55 to PS3 FW 3.41. He does say he is not ready to release the method just yet due to the risk of bricking PS3 consoles, but once perfected he promises to release it soon :)

    To quote:

    First downgrade from 3.55 to 3.41 successful, Thanks to Xtse! Method not yet ready for the masses because of risk of bricking the ps3.

    [VIA Twitter]

    Thanks to StevieD and Rob G for the news tip!

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/12/2010 , @ 06:15am



    It seems Sony has started packaging new slim units that are downgarder resistant
    This is what Logic Sunrise states in their article here:

    To quote:

    Sources said Sony would put on the market in new PS3 Slim version 3.50. These have the special boarding this firmware a new anti-downgrade.

    Indeed, some new PS3 buyers who intended to spend at or below 3.41 with the downgrade have been unpleasantly surprised to discover that this was not possible.

    There is currently no way of knowing where these consoles have been shipped, or even to know in advance if the PS3 sold currently are protected or not.

    The only advice we can give you is to check the serial number of the consoles. Tested all the consoles and downgraded included the notion CECH, so logically consoles should have unprotected 25xx-CECH CECH pushing the maximum-251x.

    Again, this new version of PS3 Slim is a rumor, but enough for this LS you about it.

    Source Dukio
    Via Logic Sunrise

  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/12/2010 , @ 12:57pm


    Well a great gift this morning to the PS3 scene, as arodd of PSX-Scene has managed to restore Bluray again to “Phat” PS3 models that were lost @ time of downgrade (the issue was the loss of the DRL1/DRL2 files when the PS3 was downgraded).

    The current method, posted below, is a bit complicated and requires the knowledge of how to use a PC with BluRay reader and HEX editor. You can however expect an “newb friendly” tool in the future though.

    To quote:

    There is now a *hacky* method of doing a safe downgrade for users who don’t have the ability to do a backup of their drl files. This method can also be used to fix a ps3 with broken playback if you know the newest disc your ps3 has played.

    If you go out and rent Inception(high mkb) and play this in your ps3 before downgrading this spreadsheet will be updated with the hex values of the DRL files to recover your blu ray playback.


    I don’t have the DRL data from inception yet, but this is a good candidate as it has one of the higher mkb versions. Once I get it I will add it to the spreadsheet. Let’s say that The Dark Knight was the highest MKB version that your PS3 has seen, than the below data would be used to restore your playback.

    We have found out that the mkb from the title that updated your drl files can be used to restore your playback completely. The MKB data is located inside BD://AACS/MKB_RO.inf; If you use a PC BD drive from windows, mac, linux, etc. You can extract this data. We are working towards a method of doing this from the PS3 directly, but so far it appears GAMEOS may be blocking this file.

    If this file is opened in a hex editor the beginning of the file contains the Type and Version record…

    ie: 10 00 00 0C 00 04(mkb version) 10 03 00 00 00 09 — The Dark Knight

    Then the HRL is listed….

    21 00 00 6C(record length) 00 00 00 07 00 00 00 07 00 09 FF FF 00 00 00 0B 00 00 FF FF 00 00 00 16 00 08 FF FF 00 00 00 21 00 03 FF FF 00 00 00 35 00 04 FF FF 00 00 00 4E 00 03 FF FF 00 00 00 54 00 03 FF FF 00 00 00 5E 2B 73 F1 7E 29 D4 04 7D 74 84 21 1E 3F 35 42 FE EB 3E B9 B1 63 B9 57 7D 86 AF F4 1A 02 A9 33 61 96 51 5A 67 0A 27 5C 8A — The Dark Knight

    Following the HRL the actual DRL data begins.

    20 00 00 34(record length) 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 44 8F F5 FA B4 79 A3 FD FC B9 92 01 35 5C 21 3B D9 8C D3 20 06 B0 76 B5 46 92 1E 46 52 16 EE A5 5D 1E 7B 2D 02 C7 6D 0A — The Dark Knight

    Combining the Type and Version Record with the DRL data gives you the hex contents of the proper DRL1/DRL2 files if this disc was the highest mkb version your ps3 has seen. This is called a Partial MKB.

    IE: 10 00 00 0C 00 04 10 03 00 00 00 09 20 00 00 34 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 44 8F F5 FA B4 79 A3 FD FC B9 92 01 35 5C 21 3B D9 8C D3 20 06 B0 76 B5 46 92 1E 46 52 16 EE A5 5D 1E 7B 2D 02 C7 6D 0A

    The above hexed over your broken drl will restore your playback. This isn’t surefire if you’ve played another movie that is higher than inception or have updated your drl with a different movie that is the same mkb as inception. All in all you just need to know which newest disc you have played and that will give you the method to restore your playback.

    FYI: Merry X-Mas! This is a gift to all! Thanks to HI3 for doing all of the leg work in understanding the different record types.

    [VIA PSX-Scene]

    UPDATE: I received the following PM earlier today:

    I’ve been working with Hi3 and the rest of the crew at #ps3bluray on Efnet and it’s urgent that the story about bluray playback problem being solved be removed because the research is not even CLOSE to final and the person who released the information was not authorized to do so.

    So its not finalized yet and you should proceed to do this at your own risk. According to hi3, “If the traitor system is triggered it could lead to drive/host revocation en-masse in the future.”

  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/12/2010 , @ 12:43pm


    Chris has informed us that he is creating and expanding on a application to help easily jailbreak or downgrade your PS3. The app currently supports HTC HD2, but he is porting it to various other devices such as: Touch Pro 2, Touch Pro, Diamond, Diamond 2, Tilt 2 and Fuze.

    To quote:

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my app i have been working on. It will install all files to your sd card needed to jailbreak and downgrade your ps3 with your HD2.

    What the app does:

    This app will allow you to downgrade your firmware to any firmware you want. (PS3 Slim’s cannot go as far back as Fat Consoles.) The downgrade only works with FW’s up to 3.50. (If you have FW3.55 you are out of luck for now. Unfortunately there is no solution on the market nor in the community for that FW version.) This app will also allow you to patch your android build with all the files needed to jailbreak your ps3.(this will be changed real soon.) It also includes many payloads so u can use the one that best matches your needs.

    German version Located here I have also translated the first post in German as well. Enjoy

    Norwegian version Located here I have also translated the first post in Norwegian as well. Enjoy

    you will need to download both files found below.


    PS3DJB Updated to 2.5 - English Only - Now Includes darkstone hd2froyo v3 in a custom folder just for jailbreaking. Size 87.3mb

    Important. First run of jailbreak Android will take several minutes as it will need to create a data.img file. After that it will boot much faster.


    Make sure you have placed your android build of your choice on the root of your sd card before installing. Your android build must be placed in the Android folder.

    1.install downgradeupdater.cab to storage card. (this only contains the downgrade folder)
    2. install PS3DJB.cab to storage card. (this contains the main UI and all jailbreak files)(does not include modified 3.41 PUP, lv2diag.self file 1 and lv2diag.self file 2)
    Pre Use:
    1. run app and select backup original android build (must do this first before you run setup jailbreak if you want to keep your original zImage of your Android build.)
    2. select setup jailbreak. This will transfer all the files to your android build. if you replace your android build later on with a newer version just rerun the setup jailbreak.


    1. once you set up jailbreak then proceed to select Launch PS3DJB. Follow the jailbreak instructions on the process. There are tons of tuts on how to do so. It is all they same for the most part. What is different for the HD2 is Once you boot into Android go and launch Gscript and select the payload of your choice. Then wait till it starts to auto countdown then plug the phone into the ps3 and start the jailbreak process.
    2. If you want to downgrade your ps3 launch downgrader. This will take you to a mini android build made specifically for downgrading your ps3. This will not affect your other android builds

    Questions and Answers:

    Q) how do I know when everything backed up, restored or setup for jailbreak?
    A) it will complete when the button image snaps back to normal when completed.
    Q) im done downgrading and cant turn off the phone with the power button?
    A) If you run the downgrade portion of the app you will need to pull the battery out when your done and reboot the phone. this is not due to my app it is part of the downgrade setup.
    Q) Where is the Gscript folder located at?
    A) gscript folder installs to the root of your SD card. It should install when you install the PS3DJB.CAB if you do not see it. Reboot your phone. Sometimes it caches till a reboot. not sure if its a OS issue or a Rom issue.
    Q) I started Gscript and only see a couple of payloads. Isnt there more?
    A) if you are missing payloads in gscript listing hit the windows button then select add script. Then finally select load. find a missing script select it and save. it will now populate to your main list in gscript. you will need to add. hermes 3.50 + PSN v4b, CE-X hybrid payload, and 2.76FW payload.
    Q) I have multiple android builds will this mess with them?
    A) Yes and No. It will only mess the the android build located in the Android Folder. If you want to make sure your stock android build stays stock after jailbreaking run the backup original android build button first to back up a copy of your original zImage. Once your done jailbreaking just run restore original android build to restore the backedup zImage.
    Q) Do I need to install the downgradeupdater.Cab if I don’t plan on downgrading?
    A) No you do not. It does not affect anything releated jailbreaking. If you hit the launch downgrader button without it installed will cause the app to display a message about it missing.
    Q) if i downgrade will i loss my game saves? if so how do i keep them?
    A) If you downgrade you may loose your game save. Go to system settings and back up your system. the option is at the bottom of the list almost. you can restore the same way

    if you have any suggestion let me know.

    PAYLOADS included:
    Hermes v4b+355 FW3.41
    CE-X FW3.41
    Hermes FW3.41
    Hermes v4b + psn + 3.50 FW3.41
    PL3 FW2.76
    PL3 FW3.01
    PL3 FW3.10
    PL3 FW3.15
    PL3 FW3.41

    for downgrading you will need the 3.41 modified pup, lv2diag.self file 1 and lv2diag.self file 2. these are needed once you obtain service mode

    Change log:

    Version 2.5

    *Removed setup Jailbreak, backup and restore buttons.
    *Jailbreaking now has a dedicated folder that has a pre setup build of android ready to jailbreak
    *included a dedicated android launch button for those who have daily use builds of android on there phone located in the android folder
    *new start menu icon - thanks to drkfngthdragnlrd

    Version 2.0

    *removed any backing up or replacing of initrd.gz as it is not really needed for our purposes.
    *should work better with new builds of android as i backed off the filestructure some.

    version 1.6

    *backup original android build now backs up zImage and initrd.gz
    *restore original android build now restores zImage and initrd.gz

    version 1.5

    *added backup original android build button - this will back up your original zImage on your untouched android build.
    *added restore original android build button - this will restore your original zImage and delete all files related to jailbreaking in your android folder
    *updated functionality of setup Jailbreak button - now will create all jailbreak related directories in the android folder then install all files needed.

    [VIA XDA]