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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/08/2011 , @ 04:59pm


    MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected

    So as most of you know, the PS3 Scene just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the PS3 being hacked/jailbroken, many, many things have happened in that short year, many changes and break throughs, i have two reasons for creating such a FAQ, the obvious being all the changes, PS3 owners just getting into the scene, need help and guidance, i also seen a failed attempt at a F.A.Q on another site and i thought that mistake needed to be rectified, with a proper F.A.Q :)

    (Q) Why Would I Hack/Jailbreak My PS3 ?
    (A) Hacking your PS3, gives you so many new option’s, you will be able to use emulators, homebrew apps and game backups as well as being able to use Linux, after Sony removed the function in firmware 3.21.

    (Q) Is there a firmware my PS3 should be on ?
    (A) It seems the preferable firmwares are 3.15(For the real OtherOS), 3.41(The original “Jailbreak” firmware) and 3.55(the first CFW PS3), 3.55 is the favourite and most used.

    (Q) What Firmwares cannot be hacked yet ?
    (A) 3.56 to 3.70 are unhackable at the moment, perhaps it will remain that way, or perhaps we will see a break through in the future, only time will tell.

    (Q) But when i bought my PS3, the firmware was above 3.55/My family member updated my console when i was out :( , how can i have Homebrew ?
    (A) All hope isn’t lost, you can downgrade your consoles firmware with devices like progskeet, at the moment, this is rather a tedious process, involving soldering several wires to your PS3, but in the future we will have solderless models of these products, for information on how to downgrade, check this thread:
    Noob Tutorial: How to downgrade/flash your PS3 from firmware 3.70 to 3.55 via ProgSkeet/Teensy++ and install 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

    (Q) Downgrading was a pain, i don’t want to go through that again, is there a way i can protect my PS3 from accidental upgrading ?
    (A) You can use Team Rebugs firmware spoofer, it spoofs the firmware, so that when someone attempts to update the PS3, via internet or disc, the PS3 tells them they are already on the highest firmware, as an extra precaution, you should remove your consoles access to the PS3, when you are not around, you can grab your spoofer, from the offical Rebug site here.

    (Q) What other firmwares can i hack/jailbreak my PS3 on ?
    (A) 2.76, 3.01, 3.15, 3.21, 3.40, can all be “hacked” using the PS Jailbreak USB Dongle or equivalent variants, information on the useable devices, can be found on my old F.A.Q, which you can view here.

    (Q) CFW/MFW Or Dongle ?
    (A) CFW/MFW is the way to go, dongles are more or less dead, apart from the Cobra USB dongle, but it too will become obsolete as its features get implemented into CFW/MFW, also with CFW/MFW, you do not need to do the start-eject combo that is needed with the dongles.

    (Q) How do i install CFW ?
    (A) If you aren’t already on 3.55, you will need to update to the official Sony firmware, then install a CFW via recovery, Pirate wrote a great guide, which you can read here:
    [Tutorial] How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW+PSN without risk of brick or itskamel’s NOOB JAILBREAK GUIDE
    If you wish to stay on official firmware 3.41, the same method applies, but you will need to grab Team Rebugs 3.41 CFW, which you can find here.
    Here is a video of Kmeaw being installed via the Recovery Method.

    (Q) I see many different CFW/MFW, which one should i chose ?
    (A) As i stated earlier, Kmeaw is the most popular CFW/MFW but there are other versions and you can take your pick, all installed the same way as the above method:
    Team Rebugs 3.41/3.55 CFW
    BobbyBlunt’s PS3HaX MFW
    Thelostdeathknight’s PS3HaX MFW
    varaques MFW
    bitsbubbas NFW
    bitsbubbas NFW With Cobra Implimentation

    (Q) I want to test a different CFW/MFW, is it ok to install a CFW on top of another CFW.
    (A) If you have Kmeaw installed, you can install Rebug over the top of it, but if you decide you don’t like Rebug and want to go back to Kmeaw, it is advised that you install the 3.55 Official Firmware, then install Kmeaw, as a precaution, i would advise that is done with all CFW changes

    (Q) Ok so i have CFW installed, how do i run homebrew ?
    (A) You will see in the game section, you will see “Install Package Files”, you will be able to install all your homebrew and backup managers from there, just a note though, the PKG files that you are installing, need to be on the root of your FAT32 formatted thumbdrive/external HDD.

    (Q) Now that i have updated to 3.55 CFW, is there a list of working homebrew app’s/games ?
    (A) Here are a few links:
    Homebrew Games Collection(Maintained by manster)
    Homebrew Emulator Collection(Maintained by Thelostdeathknight)
    Homebrew Application Collection(maintained by GregoryRasputin(me)

    (Q) How do i play my backups ?
    (A) You will need a backup manager, the following are available(We recommend the PS3HaX endorsed multiMAN):
    multiMAN For help, check the (Support Forum) Grab BDEMU2 here.
    Open Manager(Firmware 3.41 Only)
    Hermes Manager(Firmware 3.41 Only)

    (Q) I have my games backed up, i now want to play online, how do i do that ?
    (A) Currently there is no way to access the PSN server to play online, even if a new CFW came out, Sony would block PSN again with a new OFW, so your only real option, if you want both homebrew and PSN, is to have two PS3′s

    (Q) What are my storage options for backing up games ?

    (A.1) You can backups certain games to CD/DVD/BD disc’s, read here for more information.
    (A.2) You can install games on the PS3′s internal HDD or use an External USB HDD, which needs to be formatted to FAT32, you can also use a FAT32 USB Thumb Drive, note that with FAT32 you are limited to games with single files under 4GB, if you prefer all your games to be on the internal HDD, you can get up to 1TB 2.5? HDD, or you can use the Xecuter PS3 HDXT method and have your internal HDD on the outside of the machine, the benefit of this, is that you can use 3.5? Sata and IDE HDD’s as internal storage.

    Some more PS3 HDD Information submitted by ieder-zijn-meis(Thanks again)
    - maximum height is 9,5mm (many 2.5? drives above 640GB are too high too fit inside)
    - maximum PS3 filesystem is 1TB (512KB block size)
    - maximum FAT32 theoretical size is 8TB, practical limit on the PS3 is 2TB
    - 7200rpm can be used, as well as Flashdrives (although the 1/5th lower loadingtime of GTA5 can be considered too low to justify the higher pricetag of SATA Flashdrives.
    - SATAII-300 can be used, although it will work on SATA1-150 speed interface.
    - If using external 3.5? drives hooked up to the internal SATA, you’ll need an external powersupply (some drivebays include them).
    - If on low budget or you like DIY: use a normal extension (male to female) SATA cable (and make sure it doesn’t get loose) and recycle the case + powersupply of an external USB harddisk (without using the USB connection/conversion).
    - Don’t use RAID or SAN drives with (e)SATA interface, just a plain single drive with a bare SATA connector (many controllers don’t work without drivers/software).
    - Games can be hardcoded for BluRay speeds (9MB/s) so sticking a 85~220MB/s harddrive inside will not speedup everything/allways (but most do).
    - If you plan on exchanging the drive, download the full PUP of your FW you are using and put it on an USB Mass Storage Device formatted with FAT32 in PS3UPDATEPS3UPDAT.PUP and disconnect the LAN before re powering the PS3 (or you’ll bound to end up with the latest (3.55 now) unjailbreakable/undowngradable version).
    - Use a good fitting X screwdriver, the screws fitted to the HD<>tray are made of very soft aluminum.

    Here is a tutorial, by forum member Invi, on how to an External IDE HDD Case and use it as Internal Storage:
    HowTo: Use an external IDE HDD Case to connect an Internal 3,5″ Sata HDD as PS3 HDD.

    An image of the Xecuter PS3 HDXT.

    Videos of different HDD expansion options.

    (Q) Now that i am on 3.55, can i install Linux ?
    (A) Follow this thread.

    (Q) Ok im fed up with using my thumb drive, is there a way to download apps directly to the PS3.
    (A) Yes,you will need to instal “Package Installer”, then you will be able to FTP the apps to the “packages” folder on your PS3, you can find more about that here.

    (Q) Ok so i have backed up a game, i want to save that game to my computer as an extra backup, or i want to mod the game, how do i transfer it from my PS3.
    (A) There are two methods, FTP, there are three of those at the moment:
    PS3 FTP Server by CJCP
    blackb0x FTP Server by blackb0x
    OpenPS3FTP(Probably the most stable)
    Alternatively you can use
    Comgenies Awesome Filemanager
    Simple Filemanager
    multiMAN also has FTP and Filemanger options
    if you cant use FTP, or have an External HDD, Comgenies Filemanager is the best choice.

    (Q) I just bought a new game, tried to play it, but it says i need to update my firmware, what do i do ?
    (A) Unfortunately, newer games being released, will be unplayable on current CFW’s, you may be lucky and get a patch, but the chances of those are getting slimmer as time goes on, so the only options you are left with, are update or buy a new PS3, this is the sad situation of the scene, until the scene developers release a new CFW, you will be unable to play the newer games you bought.

    (Q) I want to be able to create my own Homebrew, is it possible.
    (A.1) Yes, using the Open Source PS3 SDK, named PSL1GHT, you can create Homebrew, PSL1GHT was created by AerialX, read about it here.

    (A.2) You can use the Official Sony SDK, it is reported that this is better for creating homebrew, than the open source version.

    (Q) I backed up a few of my movies to .AVI and .MKV formats, but when i try and play them through Showtime, or stream them via PS3Media Server, i get a Cinavia warning, is there any way past this ?
    (A) You can install this app:
    Disable Cinavia Installer (3.41 & 3.55)(By Team Rebug)

    (Q) Can play PS2/PS1 backups on my Jailbroken PS3 ?
    (A.1) You can use this method, it lets you use Swap Magic to load PS2 backups on your PS3, the only consoles allowed, are those that are Backwards Compatible, this option also works on a non Jailbroken PS3, even with firmware 3.70
    (A.2) You can use the Cobra USB dongle, to play PS1 or PS2 backups on your Jailbroken PS3, it is compatible with firmwares 3.41 and 3.55.
    (A.3) You can use this method to play PS1 backups on firmware 3.41 and 3.55.

    People who deserve thanks and respect, for making this great PS3 Scene what it is, without them, it wouldn’t really exist Mathieulh, RichDevX, GeoHot, The PS Jailbreak Team, KaKaRoTo, Hermes, klutsh, Amon-Ra, marcan, ThatOtherPerson, AerialX, Comgenie , NZHawk, CJCP, blackb0x, MohammadAG, gliitch, Kmeaw, fail0verflow, moogie, durandal, Snowydew, kaz, eussNL, robo hobo, squarepusher2, condorstrike, CrashSerious, graf_chokolo, glevand, jjolano, Mr.Goodfrag, samson, facanferff, DarkhackerPS3, lunuxx, deank, Rogero, uf6667, opium2k, Codename Rebug and any other person, who has also created a payload, made homebrew, or contributed to the scene, if i have missed your name, sorry

    The other guys that deserve a big thank you, are the site admins, that work to keep you up to date with news and bring you those all important exclusives, the only decent English speaking PS3 Scene sites are listed below:
    greg @ Dashacks
    Sennax @ ThePlaystationClub
    And of course
    Pirate , here @ PS3HaX

    This is by no means finished, if you see anything you would like to see addressed, feel free to leave a post in the comments section :)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/03/2011 , @ 08:47pm


    There are two releases here. The first is a mod to the Open Manager v2.1 I-2, it gives you the ability to launch PS3 games from the XMB, games are displayed as a list on the XMB. You will need to install 30 Open Manager v2.1 I-2 PKG files so that the games can show up on the list. But wait, there is a second release! It is the Open Manager v2.1 J-2, and it includes various fixes!

    Open Manager v2.1 I-2 mod:
    - Signed I-2 REV eboot to work on Waninkoko custom firmware

    Open Manager v2.1 J-2 REV:
    - Fixed That always ask where to install the games in internal disk to start the program, now is the first time configuration Install That is OM.
    - Patching Off the FTP, because it be possible to modify the eboot encrypted and not directly, Starting from now be Full FTP, all units being watched.
    - PKG including both, both of Signed GeoHot 3.55 to 3.41 Debug mode and with CFW 3.55 Dongle Waninkoko
    - Now if we set as an external disk drive game data to restart the OM is not asking Set the installation path backup (only 3.41 and dongle hermes v3 / 4)

    Warning: This is only for use with 3.41 CFW/Dongles & Waninkoko v2

    [Download Open Manager]

    [VIA Demonhades]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 09/03/2011 , @ 09:01am


    Crisetbets from Logic Sunrise has made Open Manager and Comgenies Awesome Filemanager compatible with Waninkoko’s 3.55 CFWv2:



    Source Logic Sunrise

  • Posted by Pirate , on 17/01/2011 , @ 06:47pm


    With all current homebrew being converted to signed ones here is a list of the current converted PKGs. Please reply to this thread with other converted PKGs and I (or a staff member) will add them here. These are all for Geohot’s CFW.

    File Management:

    • blackb0x 1.2 FTP Server (DOWNLOAD) [MIRROR DOWNLOAD]
    • Comgenie File Manager (DOWNLOAD) [MIRROR DOWNLOAD]


    • Snes9x (DOWNLOAD)
    • SNES 4.4.1 (DOWNLOAD)
    • FCeu v1.4 (DOWNLOAD)
    • FBA Next (DOWNLOAD)
    • Genesis+ GX V1.1 (DOWNLOAD
    • Mednafen (DOWNLOAD)
    • LuaPlayer PS3 Beta 2.0 (DOWNLOAD)
    • VBA Emulator (DOWNLOAD)
    • Yabause (Sega Saturn Emulator) - (DOWNLOAD)

    Homebrew Games

    • Cubicle Shooter v0.7 (DOWNLOAD)
    • That Other Space Shooter v0.1 (DOWNLOAD)
    • Breakout X (Game) - (DOWNLOAD)

    Backup Managers (backups manager only work with Waninkoko CFW updated from Geohots CFW, see here for more info)

    • multiMAN  (DOWNLOAD)
    • Open Manager 2.1 (DOWNLOAD)
    • Rogero BM Manager v7.8 (DOWNLOAD)
    • Simple AVCHD Manager - (DOWNLOAD)


    • USB Firm Loader 0.3 - (DOWNLOAD)

    If you don’t know what one or more of the homebrew is type it in the search box above, and you will get more information on it. Please reply back with more signed homebrew and I will update list here :)

    Updated 1/18/2011

    Yabause (Sega Saturn Emulator) - DOWNLOAD
  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/11/2010 , @ 04:48pm


    PRiSMiWi from the Spanish forum, Elotrolado has made a theme editor for Open Manager, here is a quote from the source:

    I tried to make a theme for my Open Manager, custom and such, but having to edit many times the position of the text, without knowing exactly where to go, and how will the layers, in that order will display better, etc, etc … And I finished a little tired and grating … So seeing that a lot has encouraged people to make their own themes, I provide a bit of work to create themes, and I’m developing an editor / creator of topics … I present my first aportecillo for PS3 Scene


    • Compatible with the latest version of OPEN MANAGER
    • Works with 8 layers of open Manager
    • Edit the INI from a friendly interface and allows you to view changes in real-time track

    Is now able to sort layers and draw in the desired order, and load the parameters of text along with the position of the images. Position is only text, and finally save the file “config.ini”

    PS: There is no progress on the Scene (I wish I had more time to investigate the real Scene (And want to embark on such a difficult project))

    PSX Scene

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 19/11/2010 , @ 07:23pm


    neox³ has released a Backup Manager, which he calls Th@nkYou Manager, here is a quote from source

    “This is a small project I made to make Open Manager a little more “aesthetic.” It is a project based on a base version of “Open Manager”, adding various fixes including same “SynaPS3″ fix.

    Needless to list the features.
    Test it.”

    The link is removed by request of the author of SynaPS3 due to:

    Violates GPL v3 license that SynaPS3 uses. It is made with SynaPS3 as stated by author, yet he releases no source, making this in violation of the license my code uses. Please remove this until he decides to release his source.

    The link will be posted whenever he releases the source code

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 17/11/2010 , @ 10:05am


    The guys over at elotrolado.net have released an updated version of their great Open Manager. (more…)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 07:27pm


    This version of Open Manager is a modification of the original Open Manager program (see above). This version obviously includes different features not found in the original Open Manager, that’s why
    it’s on my list. Additionally, this mod version of Open Manager includes Open Copy Install.

    Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on the hard drive (internal and external), copy games from one drive to another drive, and can perform installations of games to the hard drive.

    Note: Enter the following username to use the integrated FTP server:

    User: OMAN46756
    Password: None

    Change log for v2.1 Rev I:

    - PNG with transparency Allows

    - Messages when installing subjects/title pages


    - Added to title page routes search 3D COVERS3D/SIMPLE and 3D double slide COVERS3D/DOUBLE

    - Now if it does not find title pages in the external disc it looks for, them by Internet (Izq+L2 Commando for the selected one, Der+L2 for all the list)

    - The commando to watch space that occupies in disc the game, now shows the ID-GAME

    - Now it is possible to be specified in the subject, that if does not find the title page, that it shows the icon of the game

    - Left + L1, install subjects, only separate the search of title pages to Left + L2

    - They are possible to be used for Following title page Previous/that is title pages 3D or 3D double slide

    - Possibility of using text Groups, in this way we can personalize the basic image

    - It can hides the text of information when being in trapped mode, like the size in disc can be hidden being in trapped mode or no.

    - Addition language Portuguese to the original subject

    - The configuration of the title page servant keeps in options.ini where this installed OM, can be changed by others urls, if urls does not work that brings by defect.

    [Filevo]: DOWNLOAD HERE


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/10/2010 , @ 10:33am


    Open Manager v2.1H3 with Open Copy 1.1

    This version of Open Manager is a modification of the original Open Manager program (see above). This version obviously includes different features not found in the original Open Manager, that’s why
    it’s on my list. Additionally, this mod version of Open Manager includes Open Copy Install.

    Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on the hard drive (internal and external), copy games from one drive to another drive, and can perform installations of games to the hard drive.

    Open Manager 2.1H3 + Open Copy Install 1.1b:

    - Added parameters indicating the size to use for the covers: IMG_COVER_ORI_W and IMG_COVER_ORI_H - Added parameters to use informal & informal The size for the Covers: IMG_COVER_ORI_W and IMG_COVER_ORI_H
    - Possibility to choose the jacket used: COVER_TYPE - Possibility to choose The Jacket used: COVER_TYPE

    Values to use: The values to use:
    0: Original (without 3D) 0: Original (without 3D)
    1: Original 3D (uniquemnent the front) 1: Original 3D (uniquemnent The Front)
    2: 3D Covers (front and rear in a PNG image) 2: 3D Covers (front and rear in a PNG image)
    3: Double jacket (front in a PNG image and back into another PNG) 3: Double jacket (a PNG image in front and back Into Another PNG image)

    2.1h 2.1h-2-2
    - Added support for transparent PNG. - Added support for transparent PNG.

    - Added message when installing a theme or a jacket in the internal HDD.

    - Added message When Installing a theme gold jacket In The internal HDD.

    - Note: It is recommended that you delete the folder “COVERS” external HDD to speed up the startup of OM (it is not required to analyze the file). - Note: It Is Recommended That You Delete the folder “COVERS” external HDD to Speed Up the startup of OM (It Is not required to analyze The File).

    2.1h 2.1h
    - Fixed a bug when using an option on the BR disc trying to write about it and causing blockage.

    - Fixed a bug When using an option On The BR disc Trying to write about it and Causing blockage.

    - The icon is now kept in the cache. - The Icon Is Now In The Kept cache.

    - Added code to manage dynamic themes. - Added code to manage dynamic themes. Today themes can be designed to cover the lists, see the wallpaper games PIC1, view the cover instead of the icon, change the text color or change the location, change the cursor left / straight up / down. Today Free Can Be Designed to Cover the lists, see The Wallpaper games PIC1, INSTEAD View the cover of The Icon, Change the text color or change the location, Change the cursor left / straight up / down. One such theme is distributed. One theme Such Distributed IS.

    - The covers can be added manually in the installation path of the application in the folder COVERS (file in uppercase). - The Covers Can Be Manually Added In The installation path of the application in the fold COVERS (file in uppercase). If you use a folder on a hard COVERS / USB stick, it will be detected automatically launch the application. If you use a folder was hard COVERS / USB stick, It Will Be Detected Automatically Launch the application.

    - Themes can also be used on a disc / memory stick via path THEMES / DEFAULT containing the. Ini configuration. - Themes aussi Be Used Canon was disc / memory stick via path THEMES / DEFAULT containing the. Ini configuration. The application will automatically update the images. The Application Will Automatically Update the images.

    - Added L1 LEFT command to update the covers placed on a disc / USB drive or update the themes found on a disk / USB or internal hard drive. - Added command L1 LEFT to update the Covers was Placed disc / USB drive or update the Theme was found disk / USB or internal hard drive.

    - Change the background image on the XMB - Change the background picture On The XMB

    - Added a menu in Italian - Added a menu in Italian

    - Added detection of file trophies, if set in direct execution mode, the file will be linked with that of OM in order to prevent possible installation errors trophies and allow greater compatibility with some games (as Mafia 2 for example). - Added detection of file trophies, if set in direct execution mode, The File Will Be Linked With That of OM in order to Prevent possible installation errors and allow trophies Greater compatibility With Some games (as Mafia 2 for example).

    - Modification of a part of allowing FTP access to all roads. - Modification of a share of Allowing FTP access to all roads.

    - You can keep the way of installing games on the internal disk using the combination START LEFT.

    - You Can Keep the Way of Installing Games On The internal disk Using The combination START LEFT. If the application is reinstalled, the previous configuration will be detected and you will be asked if you want to keep. If The application IS reinstalled, The previous configuration Will Be Detected and You Will Be Asked if you want to keep.

    - Now, if your backups are in the folder GAMEZ internal hard disk (/ dev_hdd0/GAMEZ) it possible to mount the external hard drive to install games. - Now, if your backups are in the fold GAMEZ internal hard disk (/ dev_hdd0/GAMEZ) it possible to mount The external hard drive to install games. You can use both games to the hard drive internally and externally. Both games You Can Use To The hard drive Internally and Externally. It must be remembered that the default folder is “/ dev_hdd0/game/OMAN46756/GAMEZ” and is not the same as “/ It Must Be Remembered dev_hdd0/GAMEZ thats the default folder is” / dev_hdd0/game/OMAN46756 / GAMEZ “and Is Not The Same as” / dev_hdd0/GAMEZ

    [Filevo]: DOWNLOAD HERE

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/10/2010 , @ 07:17pm


    Open Manager 2.1H with Open Copy 1.1

    This version of Open Manager is a modification of the original Open Manager program. This version obviously includes different features not found in the original Open Manager. Additionally, this mod version of Open Manager includes Open Copy Install.

    Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on the hard drive (internal and external), copy games from one drive to another drive, and can perform installations of games to the hard drive.
    Change log for 2.1H with Open Copy 1.1:

    - Fixed a bug when using an option on the BR disc trying to write about it and causing blockage.

    - The icon is now kept in the cache.

    - Added code to manage dynamic themes. Today themes can be designed to cover the lists, see the

    wallpaper games PIC1, view the cover instead of the icon, change the text color or change the

    location, change the cursor left / straight up / down. Un th

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/10/2010 , @ 10:37am


    A few backup managers update for your pleasure (Open, Gaia, Rogero, AVCHD)


  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/10/2010 , @ 11:04am


    UPDATE: v1.06 is released, now fixes various stability issues. It also now deletes the LOG files of games you have played upon startup (/dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist/patch.dat, /dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist/game.dat).  Grab the download below.

    Thanks Mind-Killer for news tip.

    Now here is a mouthful, a PS3 modder known as Dean has released a AVCHD Player + Open Backup Manager + File Manager combo-all-in-one. Great for those who utilize all three tools, and hate switching out of different apps. The project is still in development, but non the less appealing to many.

    To quote:

    It is just a proof of concept and I hope you like the idea. I, too would love to have a filemanager integrated in this program and not switching tools around.

    It will use the ‘fast copy’ mode of the OBM and the mouse will be useful

    To see the idea – just hover the icons By design it should work in SD and HD resolutions with and without OVERSCAN.


    [Download File]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/10/2010 , @ 10:04am


    The folks over at Elotrolado have released another update to Open Manager and Open Copy Install, and they are quite nice ;) . The changelog follows below (translated): (more…)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/10/2010 , @ 12:40pm


    Rogero from PSX-Scene has released a new version of his Backup Manager, here is a quote from his thread:

    Previous versions and info about the creation of this manager can be found at this thread:

    (Anyone try Azergaz’s backup manager that boots games right from the app?)

    from now on, next updates will be released here in this thread.

    ChangeLog from Rogero_V6.2 21/10/2010
    1- Payload Auto-Detection and Output Payload Type detected on GUI, works with all current available payloads.

    2- Advanced Patching Mechanism that works according to the current Payload Type detected.

    3- Patching only occurs at Game Load, no more List Refresh needed.

    3- New Graphical User Interface (With Game BG + Icon)

    4- Toggle Show/Hide Games Full Paths with R1.

    5- Progress-Bar on Copying Games.

    6- Faster Game Files Test/Size.

    7- HomeBrew and FTP Functions removed.

    Enjoy :


  • Posted by Pirate , on 21/10/2010 , @ 09:19am


    The folks over at Elotrolado have released a pretty snazzy version of Open Manager for the PS3.

    - UP0001-OMAN46756_00-0000111122223333.pkg
    Package of Open Manager. To install, copy to a USB drive and install from Install package files

    - Open Copy Install.pkg
    Utility that allows checking games installed on internal/external drive, deleting, copying from one drive to another drive and patching intallations on internal drive

    - OM2.1x-SRC
    Source code of Open Manager, for being modified by developers

    X: Runs a game
    START: Runs a game directly, without having to access XMB (select game and press START instead of X)
    O: Copies from internal HDD, external HDD or BluRay
    ^: Deletes a game
    L3: Checks files
    R3: Corrects file access permissions
    L1: Enables/Disables controller/saves patch i.e. F1 (hermes v1)
    R1: Enables/Disables FTP
    R2: Switches between GAME/HOMEBREW modes
    SELECT: Enables/Disables Loading game data fron external drive

    How ir works:
    Proper use of game installation (install game data) on external drive:

    *Note: if the game is already installed on internal drive, delete it using Game Data Utility in XMB

    1. Run Open Manager v2.1x
    2. Select the game to be installed on the external drive and press SELECT to mount the external drive
    3. Press X and launch the game from the disk icon or app_home/ps3_game icon
    4. Follow game’s installation steps and quit the game using PS when installation completes
    5. Run Open Copy Install, select the installed game and press [] to mark on internal drive that the game as installed (if this step is omitted, installation will be requested again every time PS3 is reset)
    6. All steps done

    To launch the game, always run OP 2.1x, select the game and notice that configuration for using external drive was saved. Press X and launch the game as usual.

    [Tutorial + Download + Source]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 17/10/2010 , @ 03:06pm


    A new version of Open Manager by moh.sakhaii of PSX-Scene is out today. The changelog is below: (more…)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 09/10/2010 , @ 10:19am


    Zoned has released a simple program to watch AVCHD movie files with subtitles from your PS3 system (jailbroken of course) VIA external USB devices.

    To quote:

    Based on Open Manager.

    Thanks to all who have been involved with creating and fixing it.

    This is for use with USB devices that contain directories of movies processed with the windows AVCHD manager, it allows the selection of the movie for viewing under the XMB with subtitles if available.

    If you dont know how to get your videos into AVCHD format use google.


    - Scans connected USB devices for folders processed by the windows AVCHD Manager.
    - Any current AVCHD folder is automatically changed to the movie name as defined in details.txt.
    - Changes the selected movie directory name to AVCHD to allow playback through XMB.
    - Displays custom cover/screenshot icon “ICON0.PNG” if present in the movie directory. Resolution up to 320×176 supported.
    - Allows deletion of movie directories.
    - No FTP or copy mode as I do not see the point when you can just connect your usb device to the pc and copy files that way.
    - No ability to copy to internal drive as AVCHD files do not work from there.
    - This is only version 0.1 as there is more work needed to the code to remove unnecessary portions.

    [Download AVCHD Manager v0.1]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 08/10/2010 , @ 06:25pm


    The folks over at Elotrolado have modified Jurai2′s Sexy Manager to “Flex Manager”, making the interface similar to Netflix, except instead of movies, its your PS3 games stored on the HDD.

    Game covers should be placed in the following directory: /dev_hdd0/games/OMAN46756/covers/. They should be 348×400, title needs to be that of the game ID, and PNG reportedly does not work. This is compatible w/ v3 Hermes.

    You can grab more information at the soruce:


    Thanks to Samson for the tip