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  • Posted by Pirate , on 09/01/2011 , @ 07:15pm


    A busy day for the PS3 scene as apps are rapidly being converted to signed ones capable to be ran on the most recent PS3 hacks development. Famous has created a simple PKG signer GUI. You can easily do this via text editor, but here is a GUI for some of you “less hardcore” hackers.

    [VIA Hackforums]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 06/01/2011 , @ 12:41pm


    Mathieulh has just released his PSP/PS3 Game decrypter via his < a href=”http://twitter.com/Mathieulh”>Twitter.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 03/11/2010 , @ 05:40pm


    A coder by the name of Jeffma has released an updated version of his app, PS3 GUI Toolbox, here is what the app does:

    1) Ability to compile / decompile a. Pkg
    2) Check the information of one. Pkg
    3) Install. Pkg
    4) Edit. Sfo (editor integrated)
    5) Splitter files over 4GB with PsARC
    6) recompacted files splitter with PsARC
    7) Check the file information PsARC
    8) Decrypt Eboot (does not work for the eboot but retails for debug)
    9) Encrypt. Elf
    10) Link to the page content psn
    11) Link to the page update debug
    12) Link to a tutorial to install the SDK


  • Posted by Pirate , on 15/10/2010 , @ 08:37am


    Confused on which HEX/PSGroove to use? Hermes? Waninkoko? Mathieulh? Lets use all three, the folks over at PS3ITA have released a compiled hex for various boards that brings Hermes v3 + Retail PKG installsupport +  Game Updates fix all in one  these are the latest HEX files so you should be using THESE if you have not upgraded your boards/device in a while.

    Download the file for the HEXs below (props to PS3-Hacks and PSX-Scene for compiled lists)

      • AT90USBKEY (AT90USB1287)
      • Minimus AVR USB (AT90USB162)
      • Maximus AVR USB (AT90USB162)
      • Olimex (AT90USB162 8Mhz)
      • Teensy 1.0 (AT90USB162)
      • Teensy++ 1.0 (AT90USB646)
      • Teensy 2.0 (ATMEGA32U4)
      • Teensy++ 2.0 (AT90USB1286)
      • AVRKey (ATMEGA32U2)
      • TI-84+ Calculator
      • PSFreedom
      • P3Hub1
      • P3Hub2
      • PIC18F2550
      • OpenKubus (ATMEGA16U4 8Mhz)
      • iPod Nano 1G
      • iPod Video 5G
      • Arduino Duemilanove
      • Arduino Mega

        Feel free to PM your updated source for this and I will add to download list/link.

        [DOWNLOAD PSGroove v3 HEX]

      • Posted by Pirate , on 12/10/2010 , @ 07:18pm


        Tired of having to download PSN games without the use of PSN? Have no fear, a PSN alternative is here, presenting Brewology which downloads PSN games straight to your PS3.

      • Posted by Pirate , on 10/10/2010 , @ 11:21pm


        Today an official update for the original PSGroove has been released. The new payload adds support for retail PKG installs, similar to what Waninkoko did earlier today. However, according to Mathieulh (via Twitter), that was the INCORRECT way to install retail PKG’s hence has updated the PSGroove payload to properly integrate the feature. Do note that there are still certain PKGs that may cause problems while installing, so the offical PSgroove update is a better, and more stable version to allow retail PKG install.

        To quote:

        Retail package support was just added to PSGroove GIT
        ! This patch isn’t the same as Waninkoko’s Hermes v3 !

        * Forcing r11 to 1 like Waninkoko did does work but it is not the solution and might bring issues with specific package types.
        * The right patch to be done is to put a nop at the beginning of the debug algo decryption which checks for the model flag to be 1
        * Also Waninkoko left the original PSJailbreak patch which was not proper either:

        ROM:0002ED00 lhz %r9, arg_7A(%sp)
        ROM:0002ED04 xori %r9, %r9, 0×80
        ROM:0002ED08 addi %r9, %r9, -1
        ROM:0002ED0C rldicl %r29, %r9, 1,63
        ROM:0002ED10 b loc_2ED20

        * They force r29 to 1 which does indeed let you install debug packages,
        * But breaks the retail package install because the code will stop at the debug check if r29 is set to 1.
        * The right way is to actually kill that check.
        * That’s what’s been done by doing a nop to the conditional branch.

        You can grab the source for the updated PSGroove here via Github.

        So, post away the download links to the HEX files and I will keep a list up on the front page (I will also replace Waninkoko’s HEXs compiled earlier today with the PSGroove official ones to prevent any confusion).

      • Posted by Pirate , on 10/10/2010 , @ 10:16am


        Spanish hacker Waninkoko has released a modified version of PSGroove that allows us to now install retail PKG on to your jailbroken PS3. We were able to do this before, but it required converting to PKG’s, now all you have to simply do is copy it to your PS3 and install them as you did for debug packages.

        You can grab the source and HEX below, of course now we have to wait for many and many ports to be compiled, so post away your compiled links below and I will update the list here. I have not actually had time to personally test this, but try it out and let me (and others) know your results via reply as well.

        [Download Waninkoko PSGroove Source]
        [Download Waninkoko PSGroove HEX for USB Boards]
        [VIA Teknoconsolas]

        Port List:

        TI-84 Calculator

      • Posted by Pirate , on 06/10/2010 , @ 05:54pm


        A few days ago we reported to you have SafeIMG, which is a program, that lets you shrink the size of your PS3 Backup’s, splits 4GB files and show statistics on PKG’s.

        The newest version is out now with the following changes:

        -New functions-
        *Safe database/Block database
        *Working progress bars
        *Pattern patcher
        *Improved shrinker
        *Minor improvements and tweaks


        [VIA Blog]

      • Posted by Pirate , on 01/10/2010 , @ 12:04pm


        moh.sakhaii from PSX-Scene has released Open Manager v1.13, in which he is working on continuous better game support. (more…)

      • Posted by Pirate , on 23/09/2010 , @ 06:16pm


        A few days ago we reported on the PS3 SFO editor by Red_Squirrel, today he has released a new application known as PS3 Package GUI Linux Edition.

        To quote:

        What’s it?
        It’s a simple Linux GUI for the Sony’s SDK make_package_npdrm tool.
        With this tool you can extract free PS3′s packages (.PKG files) or make your own homebrew packages to install them in your Jailbroken PS3.

        You can ask Red_Squirrel any questions, comments, or bug reporting at the release thread here.

        You can download the PS3 Package GUI LE below
        [Download PS3 Package GUI Linux Edition]
        [Original Application Release Thread]
        [Project Source]

      • Posted by Pirate , on 16/09/2010 , @ 01:41pm


        PS3Hax member stadicon has released a simple application called “PSN Demo Installer”.

        To quote:
        PSN Demo Installer
        by stadicon

        - Create .pdb files
        - Upload files to your PS3 through FTP

        - .Net Framework 2.0
        - PS3 FTP Server

        You can use this tool in 2 ways:
        1) Create .pdb files and upload them with an external FTP Client (e.g. Filezilla)
        2) Let the tool create and upload everything directly to your PS3

        1) CREATE .PDBs
        1) Open PSN Demo Installer
        2) Press “Select PKG” button to complete the correct Content ID and Package File name (you can just type them manually but it is strongly recommended you get them from the PKG)
        3) Type Package Name (the name of the demo as shown on XMB before installation)
        4) Pick a Task Folder number (according to that, you should pick the final destination folder on your PS3)
        5) Press “Create .pdb” and pick a folder. There will be 3 files created: d0.pdb, d1.pdb, f0.pdb.
        6) Use an external FTP Client (e.g. Filezilla) to transfer those 3 files and the .pkg through PS3 FTP Server in /dev_hdd0/vsh/task/0000000x (x = the Task Folder property you picked before).
        7) When files are moved to PS3, simply restart your console (without PSJailbreak/PSGroove/PSFreedom) and there will be an option for your demo installation on the XMB.Go on and install it!

        1) Open PSN Demo Installer
        2) Press “Select PKG” button to complete the correct Content ID and Package File name
        3) Type Package Name (the name of the demo as shown on XMB before installation)
        4) Pick a Task Folder number (you can leave it at 1 and the uploader will automatically adjust it)
        5) Press “Upload Files” and the FTP Dialog will show up
        6) Fill your PS3 IP Address. Before you go on, make sure your PS3 FTP Server is up and running
        7) Press the “Upload” button. Wait for the files to be transfered.
        8) When files are succesfully transfered (check the logs), restart your PS3 (without PSJailbreak/PSGroove/PSFreedom) and there will be an option for your demo installation on the XMB. Go on and install it!

        WARNING: The “Create and Upload Files” option is easier to use, but the FTP library implemented in the application is not as fast as a dedicated FTP Client, like Filezilla. You may experience long wait times or, even, failures on PKGs with large sizes (1GB+) -due to PS3 FTP Server being extremely buggy-.

        [Download PSN Demo Installer]

      • Posted by Pirate , on 11/09/2010 , @ 12:21am


        ifcaro has released a PS3 PKGView tool that allows you to debug PS3 PKG files.

        To quote:

        PKGView is a file extraction tool to debug PS3 PKG files. This tool 100% legal it contains no code Sony.