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  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 05/11/2010 , @ 11:45am


    This updater was released to selected testers who own the original PSJailbreak USB dongle. You will need a genuine PSJailbreak USB dongle to get this to work. We don’t actually have a dongle to TEST this, but if you have an official PSJB dongle, please give it a try and let us know your results. According to reports over at PSX-Scene (linked below), this was an update for PS3 version 3.42/3.50. We have no confirmations yet about this, or if it even actually works, so this is being marked as a RUMOR and proceed at your OWN risk.


    Our USB Updater is finally here!!!

    This is just a rough version and the process for end users will be alot simpler.

    Step 1: Go to libusb and download and install the lib USB driver

    Step 2: Paste this link into your browser and download Updater: updater.zip

    Step 3: Unzip the file and run the program updater.exe

    Step 4: Plug in your psjailbreak USB unit and click the My Serial Number Button on the top left of the window

    Once this is done you will have to email us back your serial number from the same email account we sent you our email.

    We will then generate the files for each individual serial number and email you back the file to update your USB unit.

    Please remember that for end users, the lib USB driver will already be built in to the updater program and users updating files will automatically be generated after clicking the My Serial Number Button, so the process will be very simple.

    Please get back to us asap with your individual serial numbers.

    Thank you

    [Download VIA PS3Hax] DOWNLOAD HERE

    [FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE


    [VIA PSX-Scene]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/10/2010 , @ 09:59am


    We have been hearing about it for the last several weeks that PSJailbreak will release an update to their backup manager v1.0 and update it to v1.1. They have updated their site with following information:

    We will be releasing our new and improved Backup Manager v1.1 on the 20th of October. As well, we would like to announce that our updates for newer firmwares will be delayed a few days, but it will be released before the end of the month. We sincerely apologize for this minor delay and appreciate your patience.
    Thank you.

    Will shall see tomorrow, it will be interesting to see what new updates it brings (besides from what the scene already offers).

  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/10/2010 , @ 11:08pm


    Jevin has managed to port Kakaroto’s PL3 to PSGroove.

    So what exactly is PL3?

    To quote from kakaroto’s blog:

    PL3 is a new project I started in order to have a common repository of payloads that can be used by any ‘jailbreak’  implementation. I got tired of copying payloads from PSGroove, and I had some nice changes in mine that I thought the PSGroove project could benefit from, so I thought I’d create a single repository that both projects, PSFreedom and PSGroove (or any other similar projects) could use.

    You can find it in github, so don’t hesitate to submodule it and use it.

    In other words, PSJailbreak is a method to jailbreak the PS3 with a Linux based phone. jevin has ported the PSFreedom payloads to be compatible with the PSGroove jailbreak.

    You can read up more about the projects GitHub page HERE.

    If someone ones to make a easy to follow tutorial, post it in the replies and I will mirror it up here.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/09/2010 , @ 09:50pm


    garyopa over at PSX-Scene has posted an interesting article today, releasing many possible recent court documents.

    To quote:

    In this boring legal filings by Sony, it now covers not just PSJailbreak, but also names PSGroove, PSFreedom, OpenPSJailbreak, and they have filed printouts from various blogs, forums, with comments and tutorials people have been writing up on how to use these various programs. They even mention of course the phone ports & TI84 calc. hacks.

    Sony is using this information, to get the courts to order up faster service, to force the various ISP’, Domain Register’s, and Web Hosting Services to give up the personal info on their clients so that can serve more court papers on those people, and issue DMCA takedown notices to shut down various sites.

    So for the Judge has only granted one order so far, this one is directed to YAHOO! to within 5 business days to turn over all the information they have on a [email protected], all IP’s he used to access his mail, his personal info stored by Yahoo, his email of course, and other logs.

    This E-Mail address is the one that was used to rent the mail-drop box in Texas used by http://shoppsjailbreak.com as their virtual office for orders, shipments, registering the domain name, etc.

    Recently, that above name site which also goes under the company name of Zoomba stop using the “.com” domain and now is operating under a http://shoppsjailbreak.net domain. — Plus also the http://psjailbreakcanada.com site which seems to point IP wise to the older site, has suddenly been changed to DOJ/IPR/ICE notice that has been used in the past for “Torrent/Movie” site take-downs!

    Anyhow, here is all the public court documents you can read thru them now, and see just what SCEA has been printing out about yourself online, they are asking the court they need to findout the true identify of everyone that sells, makes, offers for sale, or even has just knowledge of the real people behind any project called PSJailbreak, PSGroove, OpenPSJailbreak, PSFreedom.

    Don’t be surprized if the next few days, you see less sites online, or you find yourself answering the door to a person serving you a Summons to Appear! — The good reading stuff is the PDF’s called Exhibit or Exhibits!

    You can see all the documents at the source below:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 16/09/2010 , @ 10:31am


    The PSJailbreak payload has now been fully made public for other devs to devour and understand how the original exploit worked.

    To quote:

    1. It gets control at Exploit_Entry, which copies the rest of the payload to the fixed address 0×8000000000700000.

    2. Exploit_Main copies a resident part of the payload to another location, creates virtual USB device driver called “MOD” with 3 functions, hooks some VSH functions via TOC entry and does some permanent in-ram patching. when the work is done it zeroes itself out.

    3. The resident part has basically 3 purposes: (a)It manages virtual USB device, (b)It does some on-the-fly patching and (c)It hooks all the game disk file accesses from the VSH.

    3a. The virtual USB device is needed to make sure the original PS3JB device in plugged in. Once the correct device is plugged (the one with the AAAAC0DE) device driver initializes the variable to 1 (see kmod_func1 - probably “identify device”, and kmod_func2 - “initialize device”). If one pulls the device out, the function kmod_func3_call_panic “term device” is called which causes a kernel panic.

    3b. The on-the-fly patching part of the code is probably called on virtual memory page remapping and does additional patching in-place. It identifies if the pages requires patching byte calculating it’s “hash” and comparing to the table entries. One of the patches enables developer menu/settings called “category_game_tool2.xml#root” which probably enables support of the pkgs and other dev stuff.

    3c. The hooks from the VSH are intended to redirect all on-BDVD file requests (or probably just “open”) from VSH to the HDD saved backup. The launcher saves the base directory of the game started and after that all the file names are prepended with it. that’s how the backup feature works. The LV1 still needs BDVD auth to launch the game, so the original disc in BDVD is still required.

    4. Adds a Syscall (Syscall 36) which will be called by Backup Loader to activate the virtual bluray drive with the correct backed-up disk.

    5. Patches the return value from Hypercall 99 so that we can launch unsigned apps.

    You can view the full payload HERE.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 15/09/2010 , @ 04:22pm


    The situation is going from bad to worse for the PSJailbreak team as today Hong Kong and Russia are banning the sales, and distribution of PSJailbreak.

    In Hong Kong, Sony is busy ripping packages open at customs and seizing all forms of PSJailbreak.

    Likewise in Russia, PSJailbreak in deemed illegal:

    “Please note that any method of distributing counterfeit games for the PS3 is illegal. As is illegal to manufacture, sale and use of any technical means to neutralize the defense of the use of pirated products.”

    Untranslated release documents:

    So if you PSJailbreak has not arrived, not arriving, then this is a good indicator that its stuck and being seized :( .

  • Posted by Pirate , on 08/09/2010 , @ 06:40pm


    Sony is on a roll, they have stopped the sales of PSJailbreak in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands and now they are working on getting rid of it in Sweden. Looking over at PSJailbreak.com you can see the number of resellers have dropped significantly. Seeing the high win record for Sony, what do you guys think will be the verdict of this court case?

  • Posted by Pirate , on 06/09/2010 , @ 03:53pm


    Well if your still in the market for a PS3 jailbreak solution, and can’t seem to get your hands on one of the ports or a USB development board, then here is another solution to your problems.

    It is supposed to retail for about $50, so it is still cheaper to go the PSGroove route if you can wait on a USB development board. Orders are expected to ship September 10-13th. We highly recommend to not pre-order this item until we have confirmation it works.

    More information at their site.

    You can also see the product review my Logic-Sunrise.

    Thanks to Adr990 for the tip.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 03/09/2010 , @ 05:29am


    With the court case won over at Australia, it seems that Sony isn’t stopping just yet. Sony today is taking another PSJailbreak reseller (US), shoppsjailbreak.com to court. Sony is accusing them of many charges, including copyright infringement according to the suit.

    To quote:

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed suit in California against an online retailer, accusing them of a raft of charges including copyright violation.

    While not specifically mentioned in the court documents, it’s believed the accused, Zoomba LDC - trading at the address SHOPPSJAILBREAK.com - has been attempting to sell the new PS3 Jailbreak modchip, which allows users to circumvent the PlayStation 3′s copy protection and play games retail games installed on the console’s hard drive.

    Shoppsjailbreak is listed as one of two “official” distributors for the PS Jailbreak on the device’s website.

    The suit was filed on Tuesday in the California Northern District Court, and accuses Zoomba of copyright infringement, violations of the digital millennium copyright act and trademark infringement. SCEA is seeking damages and an injunctive relief, which would block the sale of the devices.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/09/2010 , @ 07:20pm


    With the release of PSGroove, you would expect all the PSJailbreak clones to zap out of existence right? Well x3Jailbreak is determined that their product is the way to go, they have posted today stating that “x3jailbreak for lower then any other device available including new homebrew devices suggested online.” Under $20 then? Sounds like a steal, and may very well be an attractive solution for those who can’t get their hands on a USB board.

    Full news post:


    X3jailbreak.com will be shipping our samples out to 100 selected requests starting Sept 3rd-Sept 6th and x3jailbreak are now taking pre-orders which will start shipping by the end of next week (Sept 10th-13th). Feel free to submit your pre-orders today.

    Our goal at x3jailbreak was to provide you as customers a powerful, quality and low cost solution.
    Even with recent events you will still be able to purchase our x3jailbreak for lower then any other device available including new homebrew devices suggested online.

    You will receive a quality dongle that is completely functioning and ready to use as soon as it arrives.

    Our X3jailbreak features include the following:

    1) Larger case for ease of use and less change of misplacing or losing your dongle.
    2) More Powerful (competition using 8 bit processor compared to x3 is using a 32 bit operating processor)
    3) Hardware USB compared to where PSJ is software emulated
    4) As updates become available x3jailbreak is easily upgradable.
    5) Expansion ports for upcoming features/add-on

    Your X3 will come with a serial number to use online to verify proof that your x3jailbreak is authentic and also you will be able to use your serial number
    to access the download area when new updates become available.

    We get our review sample in soon, so we will keep keep you updated when our x3Jailbreak arrives.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/09/2010 , @ 07:15pm


    Another clone has been announced by TIAO community, known as PSJailbreak Tiny or PSGroove Buddy.

    To quote:

    We are working hard on the Jailbreak Tiny (a.k.a PSGroove Buddy) for your PS3. You can install open-source firmware (PSGroove etc.) to this USB dongle, which will enable you to run homebrews on your PS3!

    We haven’t decided on the price, but as usual, it won’t be expensive and our price is always SHIPPED price!

    It will have diygadget/TIAO logo.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/09/2010 , @ 03:51pm


    Reaver from TeknoGods has created a simple application that converts your PS3 ISO’s to PSJailbreak format, allowing it to be ran with backup manager.

    To quote from readme:

    1. Run tool
    2. Open your backup .iso
    3. Make folder called GAMEZ in your external USB HDD
    4. Extract ISO in GAMEZ (do not make any subfolders!)
    5. Run Backup Manager on PS3 with USB HDD plugged in
    6. Play

    Required: Jailbreaked PS3 with backups enabled, External USB HDD

    This release is beta quality. If something breaks, review any
    pertinent comments on teknogods.com, then email me as a last resort.
    Include all log files and a detailed description of problem and
    how to reproduce it.

    [Download PS3 ISO2JB v0.5]

    Thanks to sonicjam for the tip.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/09/2010 , @ 05:49am


    According to multiple sources, including Logic-Sunrise, new details of the Backup Manager v1.1 have surfaced.

    The new features:

    • Support for all firmware.
    • Support for NTFS.
    • Supports Blu-ray and MKV.
    • Support for PSX and PS2 games.

    ChipSpain suppliers have also provided more details below:

    • NFTS Support
    • New version of Backup Manager 1.1 (OK)
    • Compatible with all PS3 firmware
    • Compatible with Blu-ray backups, PS2 and PSX.
    • Auto Updater via your PC.
    • Reproduction of video formats such as MKV and many well known programs like XBMC.
    • You can always update the console to play online!

  • Posted by Pirate , on 01/09/2010 , @ 05:28pm


    phire, (and Matt_P, subdub and others for helping develop this theory) have a documented on how PSJailbreak works, it is now up and posted for your reading pleasure.

    To quote:

    Analysis of the PSJailbreak Exploit


    The PSJailbreak dongle is a modchip for the PlayStation 3 that allows users to backup and play games off the harddrive. Unlike the modchips of the Previous generation, or the modchips so far for the Xbox360 and Wii, this modchip simply plugs into the USB port on the front of the PS3, avoiding the need for complex soldering and voiding of your warranty.

    As the time of writing this document, the final PSJailbreak has not been released, but a number of samples were given out and at least one fell into the hands of someone who owned a USB sniffer.

    This analysis of the exploit is based on those USB sniffer logs, issues encountered during the development of the opensource PSGroove version of the exploit and a number of educated guesses. It will probably be updated as new information comes in.

    The initial analysis by gamefreax.de suggested that it was a Stack overflow attack. After further analist it turns out that this exploit is a Heap Overflow attack. The exploit carefully manipulates the heap by plugging and unplugging fake usb devices with large device descriptors until the device on port 4 which misreports its size to overwrite one of malloc’s boundary tags.

    The state of the PS3

    The exploit takes place while the PS3 is looking for the Jig (triggered by pressing eject within 200ms of pressing power). It is suspected that the ps3 spends around 5 seconds doing nothing but initializing devices on the USB bus, so there is little extra code running to mess the exploit up.

    Setting up the heap

    The PSJailbreak dongle emulates a 6 port USB hub. By attaching and detaching fake devices to the ports of the hub the dongle has control over the mallocing and freeing of various blocks of memory that hold the device and configuration descriptors.

    Port one

    After the hub has been initialized, a device is plugged into port one with a pid/vid of 0xAAAA/0×5555, It has 4 configurations with each one is 0xf00 bytes long. This is just under the size of 4k page, so malloc will have probably have request a new page for each one, unless it already has enough free space, but at least one will be aligned at the start of a page.

    The ps3 also changes the configuration the 2nd time it is read so the configuration in the ps3 memory is only 18 bytes long.

    It just so happens that that this data contains the payload that the exploit will jump to after gaining control of the execution, but that is not important for the exploit.

    Port two

    After the PS3 has finished reading the port one device descriptors, the dongle switches back to the address of the hub and reports that a device has been plugged into port two.

    This device has a pid/vid of 0xAAAA/0xBBBB, and it has 1 configuration descriptor which is 22 bytes long. Only the first 18 bytes are real usb data and the remaining 4 bytes are:

    04 21 B4 2F

    With a length of 04 and an invalid type byte, anything interpreting it as USB descriptor will probably skip over it and the last 2 bytes. It is suspected that this is just here to make this descriptor take up an exact amount of heap space.

    Port Three

    The port three device has a pid/vid of 0xAAAA/0×5555, the same as port one. Unlike the port one device it has 2 configuration descirptors, each 0xa4d bytes long The data that fills them is junk but it may or may not be relevant that if you treat the data as descriptors they will have valid lengths. These descriptors will probably be allocated to the start of a fresh 4kb page that follows the page with the last port one descriptor and port three descriptors.

    Port Two Disconnect

    After port three is connected, port two will be disconnected, this will cause the port two descriptors to be freed, which frees up some space between the Port One and Port Three descriptors.

    The exploit

    The heap is now prepared for our exploit.

    Port Four Connection

    A device is connected to port 4, with a pid/vid of 0xAAAA/0×5555 and 3 configurations.

    Configuration A

    This is a normal configuration, 18 bytes long

    Configuration B

    This configuration is the same as Configuration A, except it changes its total length from 18 bytes to to zero bytes after the PS3 has read it the first time and allocated space for it.

    This is where things get vague, this is key to the exploit and will somehow cause the the extra data at the end of Configuration C to overwrite one of malloc’s boundary tag, most likely the one belonging to Port Three.

    But the exact reason for this buffer overrun is hard to guess without actually seeing the exploited code.

    Configuration C

    This starts the same as configuration A, but has 14 bytes of extra data at the end.

    .. .. 3e 21 00 00 00 00
    fa ce b0 03 aa bb cc dd
    80 00 00 00 00 46 50 00
    80 00 00 00 00 3d ee 70

    The first 6 are just padding (but the 3e might be important if this ever gets interpreted as a USB descriptor.) Then there are 3 u64 values, each 8 bytes long.

    The first two values are stored for use by the shell code later just before malloc’s boundary tag.

    The 3rd value overwrites the first value of the boundary tag, which is pointer to the next free section of memory. The replacement pointer will point to a function somewhere. This will cause a malloc to allocate memory in the wrong place, sometime in the future, allowing the exploit to overwrite an existing function.

    Port Five

    The dongle plugs the fake Jig into Port Five right after Port Four has done its job. It uses the same PID/VID that the original Sony Jig uses (0x054C/0x02EB) and probably the same configuration with the same end points.

    It is suspected that because the Jig is a known device that the PS3 was waiting for, it’s device and configuration descriptors will not be malloced into the heap.

    The PS3 sends a 64 byte challenge to the fake Jig to authenticate it, and the dongle replies with 64 bytes of static data. The PS3 will malloc space for this response, and because the boundary tags have been modified by Port Four, malloc will return a pointer to 24 bytes before a function that has something to do with free and the 64 bytes of data will be written over top of the function.

    At the point, no code has been patched yet, so the Jig’s static response will fail to authenticate the jig.

    Unplug Port Three

    The dongle now sends a message that port 3 has been unplugged. This will cause the PS3 to free the Port Three’s configuration data, the very same buffer which had its boundary tag overwritten by Port Four.

    So our shellcode gets called, with R3 pointing to the boundary tag before Port Three’s Configuration data.

    The Shellcode

    PPC Assembly:

    ROM:00000018 ld %r4, -0×10(%r3)
    ROM:0000001C ld %r3, -8(%r3)
    ROM:00000020 loc_20: # CODE XREF: sub_18+14�j
    ROM:00000020 ld %r5, 0×18(%r3)
    ROM:00000024 addi %r3, %r3, 0×1000
    ROM:00000028 cmpw %r4, %r5
    ROM:0000002C bne loc_20
    ROM:00000030 addi %r6, %r3, -0xFE0
    ROM:00000034 mtctr %r6
    ROM:00000038 bctr

    This takes a pointer to the corrupted boundary tags in r3.

    r4 is loaded with the 0xFACEB003AABBCCDD tag, then r3 is loaded with 0×8000000000465000, both of these values are stored just before the boundary tag.

    The shell code then scans every 4KB block (0×1000 bytes) starting at 0×8000000000465000, checking for 0xFACEB003AABBCCDD tag in the u64 at 0×18 in each page.

    When it finds it, the shellcode will jump to offset 0×20 in the payload.

    After the exploit


    The exploit is now completed: Port Five, Port Four then Port One will be unplugged.

    Hopefully the Payload will have copied itself out of the heap before Port One is unplugged.

    Port Six

    The device that gets plugged into Port Six has nothing to do with the exploit. It has a vid/pid of 0xAAAA/0xDEC0 (on the PPC, which is big endian, the pid is 0xC0DE).

    The payload sends it a single byte (0xAA) control transfer so that the dongle will know that the exploit was successful so it can turn the green LED on to signal the user.

    A function in the original PSJailbreak Payload will make sure that this device stays plugged in. If it is ever unplugged then it will call LV1_Panic and your PS3 will shutdown. PSGroove has removed this ‘feature’.

    The Payload

    The actual payload is outside the scope of this document (There might be a 2nd document discussing the original PSJailbreak payload), but we will discuss the environment.

    The payload will start in an unknown position, aligned to a 4KB boundary, it should either use position independent code, or copy itself to a known location. The payload has full control over the lv2 (aka gameos) kernel and anything below it. It doesn’t have any control over lv1 (aka the hypervisor) without a 2nd exploit (the original Geohot exploit should still work.)

    The Jig authentication code is most likely running in lv1 or an isolated SPU so it is not possible to patch it with this exploit.

    The lv2 kernel is loaded at the time of the exploit, perfect for patching or you could replace it with something better like a linux kernel. A linux kernel running in this environment would have all the privilege of the regular gameos kernel.

    [VIA PS3Wiki]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 31/08/2010 , @ 07:45pm


    Yesterday, we reported that Mathieulh and his team successfully cloned PSJailbreak, however he said he would not be releasing anything soon. Well according to his Twitter posts, and some questions asked at MaxConsole it seems that the PSJailbreak code MAY be released next week, and it can easily be flashed even by an “idiot”.

    To quote:

    We shot over Mathiuelh some questions about the activities of his group following various teasers that the team will release the exploit powering PSJailbreak. He indicated that the code could be ‘probably’ be released next week although the team doesn’t wish to be binded by any ETA due to the public pressure that amounts. Elsehere he confirmed that they will be providing the code to easily flash onto ‘Teensy’ boards and the ‘average idiot/dummy’ will be capable of making their own

    If Mathieulh and his team do release the code in the future, then we may be very well able to clone PSJailbreak ourselves with one of the following:

    • Teensy ++ USB Development Board ($24)
    • AT90USBKEY [US or UK] ($31 / £23)

    Feel free to post links to other places to purchase the Teensy/AT90 and we will keep the list updated here for different regions.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 31/08/2010 , @ 10:07am


    The following article was posted over at Maxconsole on “5 reasons why PSJailbreak could win in court and why Sony will lose even if they win”. The new court date has been set to September 3rd @ 10 AM.

    To quote:

    With the court case pertaining to PSJailbreak being delayed until September 3rd, Maxconsole has taken the time to reflect on possible reasons why the device could very well triumph in court. Few people are truly optimistic that this device could win against the brains of the costly Sony legal team, although we have reason to believe otherwise. Moreover, regardless of the result, Sony would have actually lost from a market-perspective as explained below.

    First things first, these are the possible arguments that PSJailbreak retailers could exercise:

    No copyright code upon shipping – The makers have allegedly claimed that the device contains no copyright code upon shipping. If true, this means that the device is actually legal in its original form without consideration to the intent of the device.

    Even Sony knows people want and value homebrew – To a number of pessimists, the ‘homebrew’ argument is flawed because a lot of people will use such a device for piracy. However, one must question that if homebrew was such a limited occurrence, why did Sony included OtherOS functionality on the PS3 as standard?

    Reinstating OtherOS – As many of you are aware, OtherOS was part of the core-feature set of early PS3’s. However, since Geohot’s various claims, Sony backtracked and removed the OtherOS functionality. This actually restricted the freedom that users have on their PS3 console. With PSJailbreak, the makers can rightfully arguing that they are trying to re-instate a similar function to what Sony initially offered.

    Only allows you to play back-ups of disc you possess – The PSJailbreak only allows users to backup game discs that they already own. It has not been designed for use with ‘internet ISO’s’ at the moment. Yes there are a lot of possible ramifications as this, such as users ‘copying’ friends discs and rented discs, although the fact remains the device is doing it all can to ensure legitimate back-up use. Discs can become lost, scratched and so forth, why shouldn’t users be allowed to install games to HDD? The benefits of HDD installs are also recognized by console manufacturers themselves despite needing the disc for verification. It is a known fact that smoother experiences await, even the producer of GT 5 revealed this himself recently.

    The PS3 has no problem copying illegally downloaded movies to HDD - For video files, including the highly pirated DivX format, the PS3 allows owners to install and copy films directly to the hard drive. These movies can be illegally downloaded and include some of the hottest blockbusters. Would it be fair if the movie industry ‘banned’ the PS3 because it allows people to copy and playback downloaded movie files? Of course it wouldn’t, although the PS3 does allow this. Ultimately, it is the end user who decides the most reasonable course of action with a codec or software. Some will legitimately copy their games to HDD; some will legitimately run homebrew, why should these people be punished because of the fears of game piracy?

    Over-riding all the above, is the ability of the defendants to create a compelling and reasoned argument. All evidence surrounding PSJailbreak has been fixated upon ‘backups’ with little else to show thus far.

    Whatever the result, it’s still a lose-lose situation for Sony

    Although, whatever the outcome, it does seem like a lose-lose situation for Sony. PSJailbreak is ‘out there’ and being cloned, people will figure out how to update it. Despite all the ‘reports’, Sony must really ask themselves if they are fanning the flames and bringing validity to something which was always intended to stay ‘underground’. Those purchasers of PSJailbreak who intend to be pirates are not the kind of customer who would NEVER put a penny in the pocket of software developers (we don’t care what b***** estimates by researchers state). Just because the pirate may have 50 games on his HDD, it doesn’t mean that he ever intended to purchase more than 1 or 2 of those if any. At least this way, Sony is making money off of potential PS3 hardware sales spurred by PSJailbreak. It still isn’t right, although the Xbox 360 seems to be doing pretty well for itself despite its piratability (my new word). MS has done the right thing in keeping their head down and fighting back with their technical know-how, making things as uncomfortable as possible for pirates so that they actually think twice about whether the pain is worth the pleasure.

    The way Sony is handling the situation is evidently poor. Everywhere you look the mainstream is talking about PSJailbreak, Sony read the headlines and sh*t themselves un-necessarily. Trade publications, news corporations amongst others are now regularly talking about something that was previously considered for the ‘scene only’. Sony’s constant involvement in this is just making it higher profile and raising awareness about the possibility to hack the PS3. A cloned solution will come, a free solution will come and Sony would have just been sucked in and played a part potentially building up a mainstream legion of pirates.

    Everything so far seems to be a poorly thought knee-jerk reaction; the sudden removal of OtherOS and they way they are acting right now just goes to show how they have limited faith in their technical abilities. Unfortunately for them, their technical abilities will be needed more than ever for the cat and mouse game that is about to ensue.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/08/2010 , @ 07:42pm


    Today was the court day in Australia for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited & Anor v Ozmodchips Pty Ltd & Ors.

    The hearing today was supposed to be about the current active injunction (that was set earlier by court), and Sony was supposed to either extend the injunction on prove that PSJailbreak contained copyright Sony code (which we discovered it did not). If Sony had failed to prove this, then OZModchips and other Australian resellers could start selling PSJailbreak again.

    However the court case was pushed to Friday as the Judge was busy, so it seems the scene has to wait a few more days to see the verdict.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/08/2010 , @ 10:53pm


    The folks over at PSX-SCENE were contacted by the PSJailbreak team today with a few updates. The team plans to launch Backup Manager v1.1 which will include new features and tweaks. They also wanted to clarify that the delay of the product was not delayed because of shortage, but rather they were finishing their retail packaging and finalizing the new software.

    They also have responded to the court case in Australia and are providing financial aid to their dealers/distributors (have already sent a donation to OzMods and Quantronics).


    Thanks to Pocket69 for heads up.