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  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/08/2010 , @ 05:31am


    Another PSJailbreak clone is “on the street”, this one known as PS3Key. Their product is yet to have a release date or price, but they did update their facebook with the following update:

    Good news everyone! Our mad scientist has confirmed that getting into the console is as simple as pretending to be a USB hub! It doesn’t look like this is going to take any more than a few weeks!

    [PS3Key Website] [PS3Key Facebook]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/08/2010 , @ 11:32am


    Consolewinkel.nl has spoken to the PSJailbreak creators and they basically told them that PSJailbreak is legal and it contains no copyright code - meaning OZmodchips and other retailers have a pretty good case against Sony in the next few days.

    To quote:

    PSjailbreak is legal and contains no copyright code, that’s what the makers of the device are claiming. In a conversation forwarded to us, a Dutch retailer reveals that the creators of the device are insisting that Sony is just using ‘scare tactics’ to try and make people think twice before selling it. Moreover the creators are claiming that the device was primarily produced for homebrew on the PS3 console.

    You can view the conversation image below, or view the transcript here.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/08/2010 , @ 05:47pm


    The clones just keep rolling in. Today on PSX-Scene, one of their members announced a new clone in the works known as PS3Stinger, promising a cheap alternative and to not “sting” you with a high price. While we must admit it does sound fishy, we urge our members to not go and buy their product until there is solid evidence that it is indeed a legitimate source.

    They currently do not have a website (in the works), but do have a twitter page, and one tweet:

    Just for reference and will change next week once the pcb’s are ready.

    PS3Stinger is expected to ship around September 15. When asked about the prices this is the email sent:


    Thanks for the mail, Price depends on quantity 50-100 pieces is Euro35 stock ready to ship around 15th Sept (Pcb’s ready next week so maybe a bit sooner). Exactly the same as the jailbreak as its a direct clone. Difference with dealing with us is fast replies and we won’t screw our customers on price, Also can do fast overnight shipping via Fedex to the US. Some of the guys we are dealing with already are allsystemsgo.nl /Consolepro.nl and loads of the UK sellers including wii-chip.co.uk/ 360upgrades.co.uk so lots of people to vouch that we are legit as well.

    Phil on twitter aka ps3stinger

    We will keep you posted on any updates.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/08/2010 , @ 03:30pm


    German website GameFreax has claimed to have successfully reverse engineered PS Jailbreak. They bring out some important information that was previously unknown. First off, PSJailbreak was apparently NOT a clone of Sony’s JIG, instead its a legitimate exploit that was developed. Second, we can NOT upgrade PSJailbreak without the use of additional hardware - maybe the company planned to sell another component to upgrade the unit?

    Here is the translated post:

    We have taken a closer look at this PSJailbreak dongle
    We can confirm that the PSJailbreak is not a clone of Sony’s “Jig” module. PSJailbreak is a self-developed exploit. The chip is not a PIC18F444 but a ATMega is used with a software USB interface. This means the chip is internally capable of emulating any USB device. PSJailbreak emulates a 6 Port USB hub on which different devices will later be connected and then disconnected. One of these devices has the product:vendor ID of Sony’s “Jig” module, which means this had played a certain role during the development of PSJailbreak role.

    But lets start from beginning: When the PS3 is powered on … A USB emulation device will be connected, which has a too large of a Configuration Descriptor. This Descriptor overrides the stack with a PowerPC shellcode that gets executed. Now, various USB devices are connected to the emulation USB hub. One device has a large Descriptor with a size of 0xAD, which is part of the exploit and contains static data. A short time later (we are talking milliseconds here) the jig module is connected, and encrypted data is transmitted to the jig module. A few milliseconds later, the Jig module answers with 64 byte static data, all USB devices are then disconnected, and a new USB device is connected and the PS3 launches with ‘a new feature’.

    PSJailbreak is NOT software update-able. The Update feature which is mentioned, can be done just with hardware modifications. So by ‘update’ they mean ‘buy more of our stuff’

    64Byte static data that is emulated by Jig sent to the PS3


    Thanks to Disane for the information and thanks to Aaron/mcd1992 for help with the translation.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/08/2010 , @ 10:06pm


    This may be bad news for some but according to PSX-Scene, it seems that due to shortage, and high demand the shipping for PSjb has been delayed.

    To quote:

    A shortage of components has forced the delay of the product’s launch. There is no longer an official date for shipping to begin but the delay is expected to be anywhere from 3 days to as long as a week.

    Retailers will not be receiving their shipment of PS Jailbreak dongles on Friday as scheduled. Anyone telling you otherwise is either misinformed or disingenuous.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/08/2010 , @ 05:45am


    While we all know PS Jailbreak is clearly overpriced, and costs next to dirt to make, an image has been floating around confirming that PS Jailbreak is enforcing fix pricing, or the company threatens to drop suppliers as authorized retailers. The company sells suppliers PS Jailbreak at $88 USD a pop.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2010 , @ 07:15pm


    A Spanish site claims to have successfully clone the PSjb and will be available for sale soon.

    To quote:

    That is now three days since the announcement of the hack the PS3 has been proven to create excitement on the web. When everyone realized that the long awaited hack console Nippon boiled down to a dongle with a USB output (at a price a bit High), the question on everyone’s lips was “is there an alternative ?, clones … like the linker? “.

    The answer is do not wait and made positive, in fact already found on the web advertisements for the first clones, it was still very little information on the selling price of these new “jailbreak” for PS3 or when they are available. What is certain is that for the moment, no team has revealed the list of components necessary for its implementation so that the most talented in electronic solders and can make their dongle HomeMade.

    Now we don’t know if it is real or not, but the devs smell it as a fake. But as of now there is no confirmation so we advise you guys to not but this till we have solid confirmation and proof of this working.


    Thanks to Pocket69 for the tip.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2010 , @ 11:07am


    With the steep price of PSJailbreak , and the possibility of the USB being useless/blocked after a firmware update, many are eagerly waiting for an alternative solution. While we wait for the devs to get in their units, Mathieulh has tweeted encouraging news on his Twitter a few hours ago:

    The exact chip for the psjailbreak dongle has been identified, looks like dumping it will be easy.

    We encourage all of you to wait before spending money on buying the PS Jailbreak USB dongle, it is only a matter of time before we get a free/alternative version.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2010 , @ 05:44am


    For those still who miss OtherOS on the PS3, which was removed with FW 3.21, PCWorld writes a good article asking for the return of OtherOS. Of course it is highly unlikely that the feature will be added again, but who knows…maybe Sony will remove USB support soon too.

    To quote:

    Although I never found much utility in Other OS, a Playstation 3 feature that could turn the console into a basic computer running Linux, my heart went out to people who used Other OS before Sony scrapped it.

    Sony said it removed Other OS in March to “protect the integrity of the console,” possibly because one hacker came too close to exploiting the feature in a way that would allow piracy. But now, OzModChips claims to have the first PS3 modchip on a USB stick. In theory, this allows people to play bootleg and homebrew games and make disc backups. Supposedly, it can also bypass firmware updates that Sony might use to banish the hack.

    If Sony’s piracy safeguards have indeed fallen, I propose that Sony should bring back Other OS. After all, once the integrity of the console is lost, there’s no point in protecting it at the expense of users who did no harm.

    A typical argument against draconian anti-piracy measures goes like this: Such attempts are pointless, because they eventually fail, and the only people who suffer are paying customers who have to jump through hoops. That argument didn’t apply to the Playstation 3, because it was rock solid against hackers for almost four years, and legitimate customers were none the wiser.

    With the removal of Other OS, everything changed. A feature was lost, and now it appears that Sony’s previously unhackable machine is defeated through unrelated means. I’m skeptical of OzModChips’ solution, which costs $170, until it’s verified by an independent source, but if it’s legitimate, why should Sony pretend that removing Other OS keeps the Playstation 3′s integrity intact?


  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2010 , @ 05:36am


    With PSJailbreak just around the corners it seems that PSJailbreak game dumps are creeping on to the internet:

    Also for those unaware, PSJailbreak has a limitation on what games can be played on an external drive. Game dumps with individual files over 4gb currently can NOT be ran via external HDD, due to FAT32 restrictions. These game dumps will only work via internal PS3 HDD. PSJailbreak team is supposedly working on NTFS support.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2010 , @ 05:29am


    The folks over at Modsupplier.com have uploaded a video demonstrating the speed of PSJailbreak on loading a game, running it, and switching.

    To quote:

    In this video we demonstrate the speed of your original games loading from the internal HDD using the PS Jailbreak and the backup manager software, the video shows loading up a game already saved on your hard drive, the speed that it loads and then some gameplay footage. Then we show how to exit a game and select the next one you wish to play, we then also show some in game footage of the second game and once again how to drop back to the main menu when finished.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 20/08/2010 , @ 11:41am


    Unless you have been sleeping under the rock for the last 24 hours, you most likely heard about PSJailbreak modchip which allows backups to be booted on PS3. Demonhades and SKFU provide their thoughts on PSJailbreak below:

    SKFU (via Blog)

    I just tested the software they uploaded and can confirm it works so far.

    I can tell a bit about the backup manager. It seems the software uses bd_emu features to manage the backups. The HDD to use, should have a modified bd emu format, which sets all backups on first position, so the PS3 detects ‘em all. Then you can choose the image to boot via the manager.

    To directly copy and boot a game, the software would need to decrypt all layers on the fly. Meaning it decrypts all executables somehow, else it won’t run. Even on a debug unit.

    The hardware look like a copy of the original PS3 jigstick, used in SONY service centers to repair broken PlayStation3 SKU’s. Someone internal leaked or sold a stick, so they had the chance to reverse and clone the hardware.

    The stick should boot before the normal firmware does, so it’s hard to patch it. Maybe SONY could update the bootcode to prevent it, set it to a revoke list.

    By the way, in all videos they use debug PS3′s to run the software. There is no video showing the actual process booting on a retail PS3 afaik. So I do not confirm that this is true, yet!

    If it’s as true as it looks this time, good job guys!

    Demonhades(via Blog)

    Well I see that recently raised a stir is mounted by a chip of course to load backups from a pendrive, at first glance one might say it’s fake if we did not know of studies conducted years ago and let us see many more hidden things that not all users can understand, in this case we speak of the card jig, the jig is used by the card sony sat for maintenance and restoration in ps3.

    In short, this jig card has been removed from the payment sony sat.. so now try to expand the money spent only and once recovered the money spent in obtaining this device the reproduction and cloning of the device will be imminent.

    When I saw the body of the above, first I noticed that the sample vsh known and used parts of a debug.. and of course if one is launching retail which does not make much sense, could only think one way quickly- THE CONVERTER RETAIL TO DEBUG.

    This converter is thought to sony and service for devs have this jig card (aka USB dongle), allowing this USB is that:

    Releasing the boot ini dev_usb0 and a sequence of buttons that change the state of syscon as we launch the initial boot usb dongle, then interprets the bootstrap and load the necessary files from the dongle itself temporarily leaving the ram doing a false reboot.

    According to the store have told the seller, no residue on the PS3.. so it fits the above description.

    The idea is quite clear gentlemen, emulates the fw of trm syscon and we have a debug interprets loading the kernel debug and providing all the features to debug vshmain time, this results in loading unsigned code.

    This allows us as I mentioned months ago to launch pkgs from ubs, since it has a browser for managing them.

    The official BDEMU disk loading before you activate the mediatype BD and then run the loader to the channel of communication with the real reader would be closed and only would use the BD-emu, emu and the bd can not share the same channel communication.

    In this case to remove the layer is used to extract cellftp to an external source of filesystems without pre-decoded and converted to debug layer.

    Executables can be created with the sdk, and generated their own loader which removes the layer of encryption (this if it will extract the discs, not linux), then the PS3Gen (published as a matter of 1 month) can be create iso patched with valid soft.esto itself mean that everything is made in the PS3 SDK (emulators, applications, etc) will be loaded without problems, as we are doing the same as the 360 with jtag hack it uses a core debug.

    The loader is loaded by the execution path that recognizes the actual application manager, loaded via app.




    In short, PS3 has fallen to the very tools you use in your SAT Sony… that if Sony can plug it into the next update.. just have to cancel the initial boot usb to close the bar, because the boss is syscon.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/08/2010 , @ 04:04am


    (Updates at end of post) As im sure you all know by now, the PS3 has seen a mountain load of fakes, earlier this year we had ZPack, which used a USB Dongle to let you play ISO’s on your console, it of course turned out to be another fake, now we have PS Jailbreak which uses a USB Dongle to give you back ups, here is a quote from their site:

    PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal in tact.

    Easy to use installer and GUI takes you step by step.

    Compatible with all production models FAT and SLIM. Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA

    PS Jailbreak disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.

    Supports all games (it does not allow backups of bluray movies , dvd movies , or past consoles games)

    Backup games to your internal hard drive or external hard drive through USB, and boot directly off GUI. Eliminating the need for expensive blueray burners and costly blank media.

    Play backups off your hard drives 2x as fast as off the blueray drive. This eliminates lags and glitches to provide you with smoother game play.

    Open up your console to a new generation of homebrew applications. Load homebrew apps/games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.

    Fully updatable with new features/updates by connecting PS Jailbreak to any computers USB port.

    Not that im an expert at spelling, im far from it, but you would think that people who are knowledgeable enough to create such a device, could at least spell Blu Ray right.

    The FAQ section from their website:

    Q:Is PS Jailbreak easy to install?

    A:Yes, it is a plug and play solution. It takes 1 second to fully install, without modifying or opening your console.

    Q:Does it permanently modify my console?

    A:No of course not, once you unplug it from the usb port it is completely disabled.

    Q:How do you install PS Jailbreak?

    A:Please consult our downloads page for our instruction manual. We have done our best to make it as thorough as possible to answer all setup and troubleshooting issues.

    Q:What is the warranty?

    A:PS Jailbreak is sold with a 1 year warranty. All our resellers will take care of warranty issues.

    The only downloadable thing of their site, is this Back Up Manager

    Here is a link to their site:
    PS Jailbreak

    A site called PSX-SCENE, claim to be the first and only site that can confirm that this is working, here is a quote from their site:

    The first PS3 modchip has arrived and PSX-SCENE is the FIRST site to CONFIRM it is 100% REAL!!!

    PSX-SCENE is the first any ONLY website to CONFIRM that this product is working 100% Not by speculation but by being the only website to actually have testers with actual product in hand! We will have a video courtesy of OzModchips soon so stay tuned!!!

    I have been in contact directly with the manufacturer and can confirm some things you have all been asking about…

    1. FAT32 is currently supported. They are working on NTFS.

    2. They recommend staying on current firmware and not updating until they have deemed it safe. The dongle is fully updatable.

    3. Online play does work but they cannot guarantee that it will work with all future titles.

    4. Final retail units are ready to ship.

    5. Official reseller list will be on their site in the next 48 hours. You can pre-order from any of the official resellers. There are websites out there now claiming to be selling but they are not legitimate. Don’t get ripped off. Wait until the official list is posted.

    They posted a video:

    Here is a quote from Mathieulh:

    psjailbreak’s so called “Backup Manager” (which is pretty much the only thing available to download on their website) is a debug package including a regular fself compiled with the (massively privately leaked) 1.92 sdk, The package itself is generated with Sony’s official sdk tool (make_package_npdrm revision 1203 probably from that very same sdk) that makes it illegal to share because I am quite sure psjailbreak staff doesn’t have the appropriate license to be using the official Playstation 3 SDK and its tools. The binary itself seems to use the usual sce apis when it comes to the gui or copying files over. It does run on a debug console and displays a “nicely” done GUI that lets you “backup” your game to the external or usb hdd and “run” them later on. Needless to say the backups wont “run” as their “backup manager” is just a regular fself running with game privileges and doesn’t make use of any exploits that I can think of. Needless to say that if their so called usb dongle is real (which I doubt) it does extensive use of leaked sony’s software and keys/certificates.

    So the only question is it indeed real or fake.

    Mathieulh’s Twitter

    Update 1:
    RichDevX has posted a patched version of the PKG Manager on his twitter, that allows backups to be ran for PS3 Debug users (you will need to decrypt selfs). As of now PSJailbreak does seem like the real deal, however we advise our members and readers to NOT purchase the USB dongle/device and that there will most likely be a FREE solution soon.


    • PS3 Package Manager (official)
    • PS3 Package Manger Patched (to play on Debug consoles)