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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/04/2010 , @ 06:48am


    vosman brings you version v2.1 of his PSP plugin, which lets your homebrew enabled PSP access PSN and play online.

    This is an update of one of the greatest PSP plugins ever made.
    Problems fixed in this update (2.1):
    You dont need to change the settings in the Recovery Menu (fixed error 0×20000001, no recovery setting (fake region) required).M33 update must be disabled.
    Changes on 2.0:
    * supports automatic login (auto-sign in supported).
    * disable the menu hotkey.
    * using the new system function modification method is no longer a simple string that changes PSNabler.

    Problems with the first edition: (Translated)
    * Dynasty Warriors download joint raid with the letter can not, network warfare can not, it is because the game has additional protection, need money to buy a license key, and then activated in the PSN account management, similar to the game There are seals 3, Phantasy Star 2 and so on.
    * PSN most shops can not download the DEMO game, because these games to the machine authentication, game certification will appear (80109d80) errors, unexplained, it may try to use the MEDIA GO certified machine, or to rise to 6.20 official firmware, certification good lower and lower back.
    * Some of the unit is a mess of connection error, I do not know the reason why I never appeared. PSP-2000 with the Japanese version of the machine, the system 5.50GEN-D3 final version, 5.00M33-6 also tried, no problem.

    1)Add following line into vsh.txt/game.txt
    ms0:/seplugins/psnfucker.prx 1
    2)Go to Recovery Menu and enable this plugin (if it isnt already enabled)


    Translated Source

    Original Source

  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/02/2010 , @ 12:41pm


    Today GeoHot brings more updates from his blog and twitter about his PS3 work, to quote:

    Today I verified my theories about running the isolated SPUs as crypto engines. I believe that defeats the last technical argument against the PS3 being hacked.

    In OtherOS, all 7 SPUs are idle. You can command an SPU(which I’ll leave as an exercise to the reader) to load metldr, from that load the loader of your choice, and from that decrypt what you choose, everything from pkgs to selfs. Including those from future versions.

    The PPU is higher on the control chain then the SPUs. Even if checks were to be added to, for example, verify the hypervisor before decrypting the kernel, with clever memory mappings you can hide your modified hypervisor.

    Ah, but you still didn’t get the Cell root key. And I/we never will. But it doesn’t matter. For example, we don’t have either the iPhone or PSP “root key”. But I don’t think anyone doubts the hackedness of those systems.

    I wonder if any systems out there are actually secure?

    And from his twitter:

    Today I validated my theories about running the isolated SPUs on the PS3 as crypto engines. The PS3 is 100% hacked. So where my homebrew at?

    Stay tuned for more updates.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/06/2009 , @ 10:57pm


    The latest CFWEnabler was just released for the PSP. What is CFWEnabler? It is aprogram that activates the functions of the M33 custom firmware using ChickHen (works on PSP-300/TA-088v3).

    3.50 Changes:

    - Fixed a bug with the game for the network infrastructure (if you fail to function properly it is necessary to return to change the version.txt in this version, simply reescribelo in the menu)
    - Improved system for updating network.
    - Improved system distorts the direction of Mac
    - Improved system plugins (yes, again …)
    - Enhanced the program’s inception, is now a second faster.
    - Increase the limit of error in the installation 10.

    Grab the full update log, how to and download below:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/05/2009 , @ 09:37am


    The JPCSP Team have released a new version of their Java PSP emulator. The project is now closed sourced, and the new update are mostly technical.

    r1064 - added io ctl cmd 0×01010005 (umd file seek set, issue 88)
    r1063 - fixed interpretation of Z for 2D Vertex, tested with 2DStudio.
    r1062 - sceIoPollAsync() should yield in all cases to allow the async IO to complete (completes only on thread switch).
    r1061 - fixed “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Sector number 126031 out of bounds.” (Issue 74).
    r1060 - implemented VUC2I, VC2I, VUS2I, VS2I - Fixed VH2F - Fixed disasm of VFPU Instructions currently implemented

    You can grab download link and view more info on the project below:
    [Download JPCSP v0.02]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 16/05/2009 , @ 09:36am


    Dashhacker has released the Windows version of OPR along with the source code.

    Currently planned for the project:

    * Add joystick support with a default SIXAXIS/DS3 button map.
    * Add proper audio+video synchronization (added a quick hack for now).
    * Add ability to set/manage buffering and bit-rate profiles.
    * Add error messages to the player instead of just bailing silently.
    * Implement power-on support.
    * Clean-up and document API.

    You need a modded/hacked PSP to do this, grab the windows version below:
    [Download OPRv1.1 WINDOWS]

    Source code + on going updates available here:
    [Open-RP Source]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/04/2009 , @ 03:25pm


    A hacker by the name “Dashhacker” has claimed to fully reverse the PSP to PS3 connection (remote play),broke the  authentication system , and promises a API very soon. Hackers such as RichDevX & Kid101Skater have attempted this in the past but were unable to do so fully.

    So what does this allow us to do? We will now be able to access the PS3 from ANYWHERE besides the PSP such as PC, iPhone, PDA via internet!

    A very interesting discovery and cool feature many of us can take advantage of.

    We will give you updates on this latest project when they become available.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 12/04/2009 , @ 03:31pm


    MaTiAz has discovered a TIFF exploit on PSP’s running on firmware 5.03. The current release version is only for PSP-1000 units, there is a separate release planned for the slim PSP’s (2000/3000). MaTiAz also promises more exciting news very soon and we will keep you updated on the new releases.

    You can view the read-me with instructions and technical information via download link below.

    [Download MaTiAz PSP 5.03 Exploit]