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  • Posted by Pirate , on 16/02/2012 , @ 07:31pm


    Earlier last month we reported on news of the full 3.70 PS3 SDK being leaked. Today we received an anonymous tip of the 4.00 PS3 SDK being leaked. The current leak contains various tools and documentation. We are currently in the process in confirming how complete of the 4.0 SDK this leak is. And before you ask, no this won’t lead you to 4.0 CFW.

    The files are hosted on 4shared and require registration to download some files, we don’t know how long this link will stay alive so grab the download and mirror them while you can :)

    [FILES HAVE BEEN REMOVED DUE TO DMCA NOTICE VIA SONY - No more posting to download link for SDK allowed, anyone posting will be removed and banned instantly]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/01/2012 , @ 06:06pm


    Interesting developments have been brewing over the PS3Hax forums the last 24 hours. PS3Hax member El Nomeo dropped by yesterday leaking the PS3 PhreEngine. More importantly he claims that he has leaked the full 3.70 PS3 SDK. We are currently labeling this news as a rumor as we do not have credible confirmation on if this is the full 3.70 SDK, but we are getting this news out now to inform the community.

    To quote:

    I’ve always wanted to give something back to the community and here it is.

    SDK 3.70 will be uploaded soon, having troubles with my connection! PhreEngine Link Below.

    Hopefully someone will figure out a way of having this usable with PSL1GHT.

    Install it by running the PhyreInstaller.exe, then when its done go to C:/PhyreEngine3006/Tools and run PhyreLevelEditor.exe. Navigate the viewport using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, hold alt key and click the left mouse button to rotate. Change the viewport by selecting the X Y Z values in the top left. To load a samples navigate to Media and select one in there.

    Also for those who like tearing apart self files the levels generate their self files in the Tools folder.

    Link to PhyreEngine:

    Make sure you follow the PhyreEngine_Getting_Started_e.pdf, in the Docs folder. Then you can run the samples on your PC. Controls in the samples are:
    Forward: A
    Backwards: Z
    Turn Left: O
    Turn right: P
    Sure you can find the rest when your running it.

    Will Follow up with the 3.70 SDK later.


    UPDATE 1:
    ETA 2/3AM GMT for SDK.

    UPDATE 2:
    Anyone found anything kool on the phyreengine yet? Abit premature i know (thats what she said) but ive discovrerd how easy it is to import and drag into map, try http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/3D-Models/free/dae for more .dae models, looks like they may need physics.

    UPDATE 3:
    Had some troubles last night with uploading, its doing it right and should be ready in about 4 hours, apollogies for the delay.

    UPDATE 4:
    Third part is almost done, you should see links cropping up in the next two hours.

    UDAPTE 5:
    Right ive finished uploading, somebody is sorting it out and you will see links soon. Heres a screenshot of the SDK Manager to show its version:

    Over at PS3Hax IRC, the download links of the NZB file for the 3.70 full SDK are available, and can be grabbed below:

    [files removed]

    We will keep you informed on the latest developments on this story. You can read up the developments live at the read more/discuss in forums link (threads merged with El Nomeo). And remember we are labeling the news as a “FULL 3.70″ SDK as a rumor until we have confirmation from more devs.

    Stay tuned for more exciting scene updates only at PS3Hax.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 07/09/2011 , @ 12:06am


    Usenet user, JoHNAaRoN, has released the FULL 3.60 PS3 SDK shortly after the 3.40 full SDK was leaked a few days ago. The leak also inculdes the PS3 3.55 downgrade PUP file for FW 3.56+ test kits.

    NFO Below:


     PS3 3.60 FULL SDK (c) SONY            
    Date     : Sept 2011
    Languages: -
    Platform : PS3
    Genre    : Development
    filename : sonyhatesme-jr.part**.rar
    filecount: 92
      Release Info:
    3.60 SDK by S0ny.
    To quote release:


    P.S. One thing I will do for ya’ll is leave a parting gift (why, because I can)

    Big shoutout to my main man Hades, also SeNsEyE, dk, j00mla and FP20

    1. PS3.Full.3.60.SDK.PS3-JoHNAaRoN (usenet is your friend)

    2. NPDRM KEYS (unlisted appldr keys)

    1. PS3 3.60 FULL SDK (c) SONY

    Date : Sept 2011

    Languages: -

    Platform : PS3

    Genre : Development

    filename : sonyhatesme-jr.part**.rar

    filecount: 92

    Release Info:


    3.60 SDK by S0ny.





    SDK3.60/Offline Installer/InstallFiles/[162]-PS3_SDK_CGTUTORIAL-240_001.zip

    SDK3.60/Offline Installer/InstallFiles/[28]-PS3_SDKDoc-360_01-CHM-English.zip

    SDK3.60/Offline Installer/InstallFiles/[29]-PS3_SDKDoc-360_01-Help2-English.zip








    dox/SDK_doc/en/chm/Table of Contents-E.chm







    2. NPDRM KEYS (unlisted appldr keys)

    appldr 3.55 (rev?) “035″ (NPDRM)

    erk-035: 357EBBEA265FAEC271182D571C6CD2F62CFA04D325588F213DB6B2E0ED166D92

    riv-035: D26E6DD2B74CD78E866E742E5571B84F

    public-035: 00DCF5391618604AB42C8CFF3DC304DF45341EBA4551293E9E2B68FFE2DF527FFA3BE8329E015E57

    curve_type: 0x3A[

    appldr 3.55 (rev?) "027" NPDRM

    erk-027: 8E737230C80E66AD0162EDDD32F1F774EE5E4E187449F19079437A508FCF9C86

    riv-027: 7AAECC60AD12AED90C348D8C11D2BED5

    public-027: 05BF09CB6FD78050C78DE69CC316FF27C9F1ED66A45BFCE0A1E5A6749B19BD546BBB4602CF373440

    curve_type: 0x0A

    appldr ? unknown4 - 3.55? ? NPDRM

    erk-unk4: F9EDD0301F770FABBA8863D9897F0FEA6551B09431F61312654E28F43533EA6B

    riv-unk4: A551CCB4A42C37A734A2B4F9657D5540

    public-unk4: B05F9DA5F9121EE4031467E74C505C29A8E29D1022379EDFF0500B9AE480B5DAB4578A4C61C5D6BF

    curve_type: 0x11

    appldr ? NPDRM

    erk: 337a51416105b56e40d7caf1b954cdaf4e7645f28379904f35f27e81ca7b6957

    riv: 8405c88e042280dbd794ec7e22b74002

    public: 9bff1cc7118d2393de50d5cf44909860683411a532767bfdac78622db9e5456753fe422cbafa1da1

    curve_type: 0x18

    See you on the DARKSiDE!


    A VERY big leak indeed, it will be interesting to see where this propels the PS3 scene, and maybe 3.6+ support for the new games this holiday season :)

    And if you haven't figured it out already, this is mainly for DEVS to further research and create goodies for you on the PS3.

    Full list of what is included in the leak, and what is missing can be found HERE.

    Release: S0nyHatesMe-PS3.FULL.3.60.SDK.PS3-JoHNAaRoN
    NFO: *NZBIndex - We index, you search*

    We wont link the download files, but you can grab em at source below. Please note that you will know how to download form usenet (and it sucks -.-).

    [VIA PS3ISO]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 02/09/2011 , @ 10:49am


    A team known as DUPLEX has managed to leak the ENTIRE 3.40 PS3 SDK. The leaked SDK includes all the tools/samples that were missing in the previous SDK leak (which was only 50mb - this release is 2.5gb!).

    Now obviously the files are illegal and download links are not allowed, but Google is your best friend and the release name for the file/SDK is: PS3.Full.3.40.SDK.PS3-DUPLEX.

    Now this is mainly for devs as it will lead to interesting research on the PS3, and homebrew so I wouldn’t bother downloading this if your not a dev :)


  • Posted by Pirate , on 31/08/2011 , @ 06:51pm


    PSDK v3.1.0 was released today by the_marioga. For those of you unaware, this is basically a homebrew SDK+toolchain made with PSL1GHT. In noob terminology, this is for homebrew development.

    To quote:

    New Toolchain + SDK for PS3 PS3SDK substitution that was already obsolete. No more presentations I leave you with the download and some extra information Version 1.0: Download

    Composed by:
    PS3Toolchain, PS3DEV PSL1GHT and portlibs of
    SDL and SDL_LIBS of cebash
    Ps3soundlib and tiny3d Hermes
    geohot Python tools for
    MinGW and MSYS

    Thanks to: Ifcaro and Hermes, for their help in compiling PS3dev, HackerChannel, and Hermes Oopo for their contributions to the SDK and toolchain Nvidia and Python applications that complement the SDK

    1 º Run. exe (it is a Self-Extractor made ​​a 7zip) and unzip the folder PSDK3 in the root (C:)
    2 When You will need to compile using. bat that I attached. This bat can find him in the name rar MakeIt.bat

    Inside the folder you can find actualizador.sh PSDK3 and actualizador.bat, both serve to update the PSDK3 parts, so you need not download the whole pack every time something new comes out, it is all automatic, the process takes a while (2 or 3 minutes) so do not close the command window until the end of Previous Version: PS3SDK3.0 (Thanks for uploading blipi) http://www.multiupload.com/Q20ZF4LGZJ

    MULTI Moreover Multipurpose public library that simplifies the programming with k psl1ght

    Just unzip the rar inside the folder PSl1ght (within PS3SDK) Version 0.1: http://www.multiupload.com/V4QQ8Z6D7V · Initial Release

    [Download PSDK v3.1.0]

    [VIA Demonhades]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 21/11/2010 , @ 12:05pm


    While i was checking for updates to see if they made it dualboot w/ CE-X and KaKa PL3 I saw this:

    Special matched core for open source

    I knew it had gone opensource, the update notes are as follows for the latest update:

    Update 22:26 2010-11-18

    sorry, we made a mistake. there are some problems in “20101116-update-.rar”, some users can not update from nand (TF is normal). If you have met this problem, please download “20101118-update.rar” to restore. After update, all the functions and update methods are the same as before, we suggest all customers update to this version.
    ☆Since this version, the firmware version NO. will be showed on the “USB Device”, for example, “P3GO USBDISK VO8”, the “08” is version NO.
    ☆“20101118-update-dev.rar” is the matched update files for the open-p3go, the normal users do need to download
    1.The maximum free memory space for the program is up to 5M Byte, if needs, it still can be expanded which can make you do not subject to the limitation of the memory.
    2.More than 15M Byte SLC Nand Flash memory space for your usage, and it still can be expanded.
    3.Reach up to 500M RISC CPU with SIMD
    4 USB2.0 High Speed
    5.Support MMC/SD read-write

    This was the last update they actually made:

    Update 10:57 2010-11-12 (small update)

    ●more steady PAYLOAD
    ● update part of PSN code
    ●The default location of update file has been changed to NAND root directory, the update method has not been changed (Just like previously, use TF card to update,That is:
    1. Insert P3GO into the USB port,
    2. Copy “update.bin” into the root directory of U disk,
    3. Stop and pull out the P3GO,
    4. Insert P3GO into the USB port again, no need other actions, the update will be completed after the light Indicator flashes blue and red , it’s about 5 seconds)
    ●Add the newest 3.41 PSN activation crack under KaKaRoTo mode, that means insert TF card and enter into the KaKaRoTo mode, then you can connect to PSN. (Note: this function may cause console ban, so do it at your own risk. we do not update under HERMES firmware, because in the dual-firmware condition, it is better to have one more choice)
    ●Big thanks to Xoeo, he did a great job.

    The 11/18/2010 Update now up there fixed a bug with the option to update it via it’s Internal Flash storage.The SDK and source for making update.bins is @

    P3Go Site:

    And link to github Was from the Dev update RAR’s Readme

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/10/2010 , @ 09:31am


    Evilsperm has released an update to his multiSDK (a tool that tool can be used by anyone who wishes to create apps and other homebrew included in this package is a virtual box containing Ubuntu).

    ***Final Release***
    I Have issued a fix to address compiling with 1.92
    There were some files corrupted in the last release!
    If you have already migrated over to the last Multi SDK Release Please STOP Seeding and delete it!
    I have tested this release compiling and recompiling over 100 times with apps created for both 1.92 and 3.41 without issue.
    If you are compiling an app for use with 3.41 make sure to edit the .SFO of your app to have an APP Ver.

    This is a VirtualBox Image of Ubuntu_x86 10.10 with tools to compile PS3 Jailbreak Files As Well As PS3 Applications/Packages.
    This Release Has Multi SDK Support Both 3.41 and 1.92!

    You will need:

    VirtualBox - Included

    Login info once you get up and running:

    User = evilsperm
    Pass = password
    sudo su password = password

    To switch back and forth from 3.41 SDK to 1.92 SDK is very easy.

    To switch SDK’s:

    On the desktop you will see a folder called SDK_Selector
    Open that Dir and double click on the SDK you woudld like to use.
    Select Run In Terminal, type in the password and hit enter.
    The Terminal will disappear and the SDK you selected is ready for use!

    This is a **Final Stable Release** until a new SDK is leaked.

    We won’t give you the download link for this file, but google will be your friend (SDKPS3 Multi SDK 3.41 - 1.92Ubuntu VirtualBox - Jailbreak)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/10/2010 , @ 11:36pm


    lousyphreak of PSX-Scene has announced that he is working on a ScummVM port for the PS3. First off what is ScummVM?

    To quote:

    ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!

    ScummVM supports many adventure games, including LucasArts SCUMM games (such as Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, …), many of Sierra’s AGI and SCI games (such as King’s Quest 1-6, Space Quest 1-5, …), Discworld 1 and 2, Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, Beneath A Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Broken Sword 1 and 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Gobliiins 1-3, The Legend of Kyrandia 1-3, many of Humongous Entertainment’s children’s SCUMM games (including Freddi Fish and Putt Putt games) and many more.

    The author has released his initial source code, and this project is still a work in progress, to quote from the author:

    Hi, I am currently working on a ScummVM port for the PS3, much of it already works, but there are still some points which need fixing.The Source is located at lousyphreak’s scummvm-ps3 at ps3 - GitHub it builds with the leaked 1.92 SDK, no .pkg yet, it needs to be launched via the homebrew mode of Gaia Manager (the only one i tested it with)

    What works:

    1.) most of it

    What doesn’t:

    I have only tried a handful of games, this list is by far not complete.

    1.) You will get corrupted palettes in most games (corruption is usually just minor)
    2.) Beneath a Steel Sky crashes during the intro
    3.) Many scumm games crash when showing the overlay (Start button)
    4.) in some games the cursor has no transparent colors
    5.) slowdowns may occur
    6.) MT32 emu shows problems at least in MI2

    You can bet we can see some real neat PS3 homebrew games in the future :)

    You can download the source below (requires v1.9 SDK to compile):
    [Download Code and Files]
    [VIA PSX-Scene]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 21/10/2010 , @ 09:15am


    Apparently Sony may region lock NEW PS3 game releases via the new 3.50 SDK. PS3Gen reports on the story: (more…)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/10/2010 , @ 05:58am


    AerialX has released a lightweight Open source SDK for the PS3, to help those of us wanting to compile PS3 app’s, here is a quote from the read me:

    PSL1GHT is a lightweight PlayStation 3 homebrew SDK, provided as a temporary way to compile user apps to run from the XMB using the open-source PS3 toolchains available.

    A GCC toolchain that supports the PowerPC 64bit architecture is required to build PSL1GHT and its samples. This is the only toolchain that I test with and can guarantee support for. PS3Chain probably works just as well, as should marcan’s AsbestOS toolchain. Some toolchains will probably already use newlib, and will make the included newlib unnecessary.

    Run make install in the psl1ght directory to build it all, and make sure to set the environment variable $PSL1GHT to the folder where you wish to install it to, for example…

    cd /path/to/psl1ght.git
    export PSL1GHT=/path/to/psl1ght.git/build
    make install

    … for a local build of it. Ensure that $PSL1GHT is set when you are building any of the examples or other apps that use PSL1GHT.

    At the moment, PSL1GHT has basic libc support, with stdout debugging, file access, etc. You can call lv2 syscalls and do some fun stuff with that, but it doesn’t link to PS3 dynamic libraries yet which is where all the exciting functionality comes in. Also, a make_fself equivalent is still missing.

    AerialX’s Twitter

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/10/2010 , @ 06:46am


    Last month, we posted here about the 1.92 PS3 SDK leak, well now we have 3.41 Toolchain leaked, the Toolchain also the RAF tool, RAF toolls are used to create Dynamic Themes, DemonHades has posted it on his site, here is a badly translated quote from his blog:

    Just a while my friend and colleague told us that Bhaal has released the SDK toolchain 3.41, this toolchain also brings a pleasant surprise Tool RAF, the RAF are video files or streams used as background for the dynamic themes

    Perhaps this will lead to Dynamic Themes.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 01/10/2010 , @ 12:04pm


    moh.sakhaii from PSX-Scene has released Open Manager v1.13, in which he is working on continuous better game support. (more…)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/09/2010 , @ 05:46am


    AerialX has stated via his Twitter, that the beginnings of a patch framework are up:

    Kammy is a system for loading patches to lv2 (PlayStation 3′s Game OS) from a user application, using PSGroove or any other implementation of the exploit that adds the peek/poke syscalls. Kammy was inspired by Treeki’s Nintendo Wii game patching system, Kamek.

    Until an open-source SDK is released, Sony SDK tools must be used to build Kammy. This makes the distribution of any Kammy binaries illegal at this time.

    Building Kammy requires three different gcc compiler toolchains.

    * gcc: A normal host gcc is required to build the raw2h application.
    * ppu-lv2-gcc: Used to compile the loader, only available from Sony.
    * ppu-gcc, ppu-binutils: A version of gcc that will compile 64bit PowerPC instructions is required to build the patches. Linux packages can be found on BSC.es. (note: ppu-lv2-gcc may suffice for this, untested)
    * xxd: Creating patch bin files requires the xxd tool to be installed.

    With these dependencies installed, you can build Kammy by simply cd’ing to the loader directory and running:
    make clean

    Kammy must be used with a payload that supports poke/peek. This includes PSGroove and most of its forks - including my own - among others. To apply a Kammy patch, a loader application must be started on the PS3. This is usually done from XMB from an installed package, or from USB using my PSGroove fork’s apploader payload.

    Kammy is made up of two main components:

    * lv2: This folder contains the lv2 patches to be built. See the main kammy patch for an example. It is up to the patch to apply any hooks needed to lv2.
    * libkammy: This is the basic library that handles the loading of Kammy patches.

    The loader/ folder contains an example of using libkammy to load a patch from the lv2 folder.

    Internally, Kammy obliderates syscalls 8 and 9, so try not to run it with payloads that provide those syscalls (like my debug payload).

    To get the Kammy, go here

  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/09/2010 , @ 08:57pm


    To be honest, this is quite old news, but the word seems to just be spreading around sites and to keep my inbox from being spammed (from news tips) about this I guess I will report on it.

    The PS3 SDK v1.9 has been leaked, it was initially released in parts, and now a compiled version is flying around under the release of “PS3_SDK_v1.92-FuxSony”. We won’t give you the download link as it is obviously illegal, but Google is your best friend :) . What is the SDK good for? Well it mainly allows developers to make PS3 homebrew related applications which can be ran on the PS3 via PSGroove.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/08/2010 , @ 06:16pm


    Yesterday, we reported here, that Spanish PS3 Scene Developer DemonHades had his website compromised and several of the files that resided on his server, were leaked and posted as one of his blog posts, unfortunately the files that were leaked were sensitive Sony files, that were illegal for DH to have, he claims that they weren’t his files, and stated that the hackers uploaded the files, to get him into trouble.
    Nobody knows for sure who hacked the DemonHades blog/forum, some claim it was the other scene devs he was publicly blasting and others think it was DH himself, that hacked his own blog, these are all just queses though.
    Long time PS3 Scene Dev SKFU(StreetskaterFU) has posted his theory/opinion, on his own blog, this is what it says:

    DemonHades - Victim or Offender ?
    Recently I talked to DemonHades, about the current situation of his blog and forum. As we all should know right now, it was hacked several times this month, the SQL DB of the forum was spread online and finally SONY internal LV3 documentation files were linked on the frontpage.

    Did DemonHades leak those files because he was mad or did the hacker put the files online to lead the community in a wrong direction against DemonHades, to finally let him shut up?

    DemonHades personally told me he had nothing to do with the leak. Neither I see a reason why he should do this. The forum/blog will be back as soon as he fixed his server issues.

    So why this attacks, which seem to be a private conflict between someone who wants DemonHades to give up and Demonhades himself?

    At the moment DH works together with Team Jungle (known in XBOX scene as drive hackers). The most recent conspicuous event was the PSJailbreak, which seems to be a direct enemy of team Jungle’s and DemonHades’ BD Drive Research. Maybe members of the PSJailbreak team are behind the attacks? Imagine your own opinion.

    Similar fights were and will always be part of the scene. Not everybody can be friends, I guess.


    These are just one persons thoughts/opinions, they are not fact, so read of it as you may.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/08/2010 , @ 12:45am


    These must be the worst few days over at Sony. According to internet reports, a well known Spanish hacker Demonhades had his blog hacked yesterday (about 3 times), and his SQL publicly leaked. The hackers managed to wipe out his entire FTP, forcing his site to be temporarily shutdown (still closed as of now).

    The leaked SQL however contained illegally obtained information for the PS3, such as service manuals, various of other documents and information, and programs/SDKs - all now spreading over the internet like a wild fire.

    The leak may further hurt Sony as hackers begin to get their hands on this illegal data and may open up more doors for the PS3, especially with PSJailbreak just around the corner.

    Files that were leaked:

    • sm-bdd-0013e-01-0.rar
    • sm-ps3-0013e-02-0.rar
    • sm-ps3-0073e-05-0.rar
    • sm-ps3-0093e-02-0.rar
    • ta085.pdf
    • scenefree.rar which contains PS3_Generator-1.20

    We liked to remind our community that these files are considered illegal, so do NOT ask for them on these forums, do NOT ask for them via private messages. The issue will be treated like warez, and appropriate action will be taken against violators.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2010 , @ 06:57pm


    A hacker, whom wishes to remain unnamed, has released a PS3 Package GUI @ SKFU’s blog.

    To quote:

    The PS3 PacKaGe GUI is used as graphical extension for the make_package_npdrm.exe of SONY’s official PS3 SDK to let it look more user friendly. Perfect for people who want to make a first touch with their PSJailbreak stick @ PS3 development. The confidential SONY file mentioned above is NOT included! Get it your own way.

    [Download PS3 Package GUI]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/10/2009 , @ 10:41pm


    Two days ago they promised to release their PS3 SFO editor, well here it is :) . Props to Hellcat, RichDevX and SilverSpring for their great work. If there are any issues/bugs, please report them on the forums or message RichDevX on his twitter. You can download this HaxNetwork exclusive release below.

    Stay tuned for future releases and updates.