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  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 20/02/2012 , @ 10:30am


    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack to version 3.5.43 with the changes outlined

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.43 Changelog:

    glw: Make sure string concatenation of rich text formated strings works
    Add html_enteties_escape() helper
    Remove duplicate function token2string()
    glw/clist: Initialize position without filtering first time
    osx: Allow theme path to be set
    glw: Autorescale userinterface based on window dimensions
    Render image shadows in blurred mode
    glw: Improve clist widget a bit more
    Avoid NULL deref
    Don’t use a var before initialized
    spotlight: Avoid NULL deref
    Improve some asserts
    imageloader: Fail early if we try to load an image with invalid request dimensions
    glw: Improve propsorter()
    prop: Fix bug in nodefilter
    glw: Fix error in blur shader
    glw: Make scurve() take an additional third arg
    glw: Make change() function accept property reference as trig variable
    glw: Improve clist widget a bit
    Remove unused stuff
    smb: If we get logged in a guest but not want to, act as if login failed
    Remove unused decl.

    [Download Here]

    [VIA Source]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 23/01/2012 , @ 07:34pm


    A while ago, a pre release of showtime v.3.4 was released, now the developer has been kind enough to provide us with Showtime v.3.4. A few quick notes:

    Today marks the release of Showtime 3.4. For a list of most of the important bug fixes and features added, see the 3.4 page.

    Download the release from github.

    Note: It seems Showtime still suffers from out of memory conditions now and then but I’ve not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of those issues. A few things were implemented just prior to the 3.4 release in order to mitigate the low memory problems.

    With that said I though I could write something about what’s been done this year and where Showtime is going.

    And a Full changelog:

    • Bug #216: Image navigator - missing rotation of previews
    • Bug #448: Photo - Doesn’t display .jpg over 900ko
    • Bug #478: new version can’t play 1080p movies
    • Bug #628: Clock is 1 hour off.
    • Bug #716: Video list disappears permanently
    • Bug #717: The clock displaying is not right
    • Bug #718: italic subtitles display
    • Bug #719: Subtitles in mkv file are still on even though in settings they are off
    • Bug #720: Rar Split files is broken
    • Bug #721: L5.0/5.1 MKV no video playback
    • Bug #724: 3 Video Files splitted but Showtime Shows 1 Video in the Directory
    • Bug #726: Subtitle BUG (Overlapping)
    • Bug #729: .MP4 Container problem (and possible .MKV improvement suggestion)
    • Bug #731: Subtitles in rar split files
    • Bug #732: Subtitle position.
    • Bug #739: SMB (Samba) Network Issue
    • Bug #740: Bookmarks: Selecting photo image and appera fodler image?
    • Bug #746: SMB (Samaba) Video Playback Issues
    • Bug #748: MKV 5.1 igh level ( Debug Option to write a txt when it says CPU to slow )
    • Bug #750: high quality mkv (+20gb)
    • Bug #757: Samba Playback Video Speed-Ups Slow-Downs
    • Bug #760: Memory leak when playing large/long movies
    • Bug #771: No video shown when playing this movie sample
    • Bug #773: Idee to eliminate the Memory Problem on MKV!!!
    • Bug #776: Http Client Hangs
    • Bug #779: Plugins: Message with a lot of charaters block
    • Bug #781: Plugins: Read local xml files
    • Bug #782: Plugins: Read files from SMB path
    • Bug #790: Plugins: showtime freeze when reading rtmp
    • Bug #794: .OGM Container playback issues [PS3]
    • Bug #796: Audio track bug
    • Bug #806: Video titles do not flow under cover art image?
    • Bug #810: AC3 mono track does not work.
    • Bug #834: FLV PLAYBACK BUG
    • Bug #836: More than 1 Subtitle per movie.
    • Bug #842: Possible bug with AVC codec [email protected] (on PS3).
    • Feature #348: please add support for EGL / OpenGL|ES
    • Feature #417: Mark files that has been played
    • Feature #518: Samba streaming
    • Feature #640: MP4 codec support
    • Feature #690: resuming playback from where left off
    • Feature #707: Detect track flags in .MKV container
    • Feature #710: Subtitle adjustment.
    • Feature #775: mkv track names display
    • Feature #784: Plugins: Cache remote (HTTP) image files
    • Feature #802: Plugins: settings.createComboBox like in showtime settings

    Download version 3.4 for 3.55 CFW
    Download version 3.4 for GeoHot 3.55 CFW
    Download SELF

    Source lonleycoder.com
    Check the source for a short history of Showtime on the PS3 and a bit of what Andreas Öman plans to do with his app in the future.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 10/11/2011 , @ 08:34pm


    Here’s an updated version of the YouTube Plugin for Showtime media player by facanferff. This updated version adds on a lot of options such as liking/disliking videos, subscribing to channels etc. Check out the full changelog below:

    • Add: Setting to enable/disable user actions
    • Add: User Actions: Like/Dislike videos, add to favorites, create comment, add contact, add to watch later playlist, add subscription (User and Channel)
    • Add: Default folder of feeds have now logos
    • Enhancement: Remove Debug setting
    • Enhancement: Cleanup Video page in Advanced mode (should be faster now)
    • Fix: If Related/Response feeds were empty would get an error

    Installation Instructions & Notes:

    • Download (not yet in Plugin Central)
    • Install to the USRDIR/settings/installedplugins/ folder in Showtime directory

    Download YouTube Plugin

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 06/10/2011 , @ 02:15pm


    deank, has been working hard lately, even more than normal lately, due to PS1 backups running, today he released version 02.09.00 of his awesome application, here is a quote from the change log:

    * Improved performance in XMMB display mode
    * Backup from PS3 game discs now works as it should
    * You can still launch PSX games from XMMB Game Column
    * You can still launch PS3 game backups from DVD-R/RW / BD-R/RE
    * You cannot create ISO backups or access non-genuine PS3 game discs (unless Direct Disc Access is enabled)
    * You will see an animated icon in XMMB Game column, which you can use to launch your PSX backups.
    * To keep the same functionality as before you can turn on “Direct Disc Access” from XMMB Settings column.
    >>> Press [TRIANGLE] -> Enable Direct Disc Access
    >>> When in Direct Disc Access mode you can rip BD movie discs, launch games, but you can’t create backups of PS3 Game Discs.
    >>> Do not use “Direct Disc Access Mode” unless you really need it.


    multiMAN Thread

    multiMAN Help Forum


    Download BDEMU2

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/09/2011 , @ 01:26pm


    With the new “break through’s” this week, one of them being PS1 backups running on the PS3, utilizing multiMAN’s filemanager, deank decided to implement this method into the games column of his application, here is the change log, make a note, the changes are the total from 02.07.00 to 02.08.00.

    * Added: “Create ISO” option in SIDE menu when BD/DVD is selected in VIDEO column or PLAYSTATION/PLAYSTATION2 is selected in Game column
    * Added: “Create ISO” option in File Manager’s context menu when /dev_bdvd is selected
    * Added: Creating ISO files bigger than 4GB to USB HDD will result in splitting in segments .iso.0, .iso.1 … .iso.31
    * Added: Advanced option in XMMB Settings: “Expand Contents of XMMB media columns”
    * Added: SD/SDHC, CF and MS/MSPRO devices to Photo/Music/Video columns
    * Added: Standalone Web-Browser application with FTP (BROWSER.SELF) to avoid all memory issues
    * Added: Support for launching PSX games from CD-R discs (XMMB Game Column and other display modes)
    * Added: Launching directly ps1_emu.self or ps1_netemu.self from file manager will make multiMAN assign your Memory Cards properly, too
    * Added: Options to set preferred Video Mode for PAL and NTSC PSX titles (default/480/576/720/1080)
    * Added: peeklv1 and pokelv1 commands to control console
    * Added: String printout for peekl and peeklv1 control console commands
    * Added: Prompt to dump Hypervisor/LV1 after creating GameOS/LV1 memory dump
    * Changed: Improved the looks of the old debug font, used in some dialogs and file manager
    * Changed: multiMAN starts faster now
    * Fixed: Unnecessary auto-refresh/scan for content on each startup
    * Fixed: Browsing for ROMS in ZIP format

    All features related to PSX discs require firmware 3.55 (kmeaw/rebug).


    At the moment, the update is online via PS3 only, the full version will be uploaded here.

    To play PS1 discs you must be on 3.55CFW and use PS1 backup burned to CD-R disc (using bin+cue as source in IMAGE BURNING mode). It doesn’t work for PS2 games. It doesn’t work for PSP games. You can’t mount an ISO from the HDD.

    UPDATE 1:

    Another quick update to multiMAN:

    * Improved detection of PSX discs (reading one sector to verify region/type)
    * Detection of possible user-errors when editing options.ini
    * Removed copying options.ini/options_default.ini from connected usb drives during startup

    [Download Here]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 18/09/2011 , @ 07:35am


    We all know deank is probably the most dedicated PS3 Developer there is on the PS3 Scene, whether it be big updates, or minor updates, he is always working on multiMAN, today he releases version 02.07.00 which is a huge update, here is a quote from the change log:

    * Added: LV2 access rights to use LV1 Storage Manager (syscall 864)
    * Added: LV1 patch for user access to sys_storage functions (syscalls 600 to 623)

    * The above two for regular users mean:

    * Thanks to graf_chokolo and the SACD-Ripper guys!

    * -> Access to all types of optical discs inside multiMAN (file/folder mode):
    * -> Copy/Backup of Blu-ray Movie Discs (decryption may be required on PC) (previously possible only via OtherOS)
    * -> Copy/Backup of DVD-Video discs (decryption may be required on PC)
    * -> Copy/Backup of PSX and Playstation 2 Discs
    * -> Access to AACSMKB_RO.inf on a Blu-ray movie disc to restore lost DRL1/DRL2
    * -> Direct playback of movies/music (avi, mkv, etc) from BD-R/BD-RE/DVD-R/DVD-RW via Showtime for multiMAN

    That’s about it. In short it means that you can now access and copy files/folders from any optical disc (be it to rip a blu-ray movie or transfer a backup of PS3 game from DVD or BDR to your ps3, watch videos in Showtime, etc)

    The download is yet not available, but will be released later today.


    Official multiMAN Thread

    UPDATE 1:

    Please update to 02.07.01 if you installed 02.07.00.

    The link below will take you to the updated with links to 02.07.01 UPD/BASE/FULL.

    There was an issue, which caused some games to error out with weird messages (because of the storage manager intervention). Sorry about that.

    You can also update online to 02.07.01.


    Official multiMAN Help Forum

    Those of you who enjoy multiMAN, can show deank a little support, by donating here :)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 16/09/2011 , @ 01:04pm


    Hi everyone, a Youtube plugin for Showtime is being developed by PS3Hax member facanferff. If you recall facanferff brought us the WatchTV plugin a while ago for showtime as well.

    Current Features:

    •Login to Youtube
    •Standard feeds (complete)
    •Movie Feeds (not supporting yet paid content)
    •Trailer Feeds (complete)
    •User Feeds (Favorites, New subscriptions, Contacts, etc.)
    •Getting Video Information
    •Every resolution supported (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)
    •Search videos
    •Pagination (Powerful and fast!)
    •Get information about user
    •Search for User Profile
    •Related videos (if Advanced Youtube is enabled)
    •Response videos (if Advanced Youtube is enabled)

    And because development is advanced, facanferff is searching for Beta Testers interested, they should follow 2 rules:

    • Should use http://facanferff.co.cc in order to add bugs you may find while testing or request for features or add suggestions
    • Should know where Showtime is located in /dev_hdd0 in order to install the plugin

    As you may see the rules are very simple, so if you think you join both requirements you may email a message with the the username (or display name) you use in the first rule or add simply a comment to this new with this information.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 11/09/2011 , @ 12:41am


    Another update to the unofficial build of Showtime Media Player by RedSquirrel87.


    - Fix braindamanged coding. realloc() can actually move memory. yes.

    - lang: Update Dutch translation

    - text rendering: If characters spill outside REAL_DIM then extend the texture

    - video player: Only allow seeking if seeking in file is fast

    - lang: Update portuguese translation

    - Floating point audio output is broken for AAC+SBR. Avoid that for now

    - ps3-vdec: Don’t use the _ex() version of codec query/open. It seems to mess things up

    - lang: Update german translation

    - ps3: Fix 6.1 audio output (typically DTS-ES)

    - lang: Update trad. chinese

    As always this is based off the original Showtime Media Player by its developer andoma. You can visit the official website here

    Download Showtime Unofficial Build 3.1.241


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/09/2011 , @ 07:54am


    deank has just updated multiMAN, to version 02.06.00, with many cool additions, here is a quote from the Change Log:

    * Added: Support for 7 connected controllers to be used simultaneously
    * Added: Animation/slide effect when browsing USB/PS3HDD devices in XMMB mode
    * Added: BD Remote controller buttons: YELLOW BUTTON = Restart, RED BUTTON = QUIT
    * Added: Experimental motion/movie background support: If wave.divx is present in multiMAN’s USRDIR folder you can enable motion background with SELECT+TRIANGLE.
    * Added: REFRESH option in SIDE menu for photo/music/video/retro columns when USB/PS3HDD entries are selected
    * Added: Quit and Restart options in SIDE menu for Settings column
    * Added: Quick access options in SIDE menu for XMMB Game and Favorites columns
    * Added: A small touch to the SIDE menu: it will ZOOM in the current entry much like the real XMB
    * Added: Increasing/Decreasing MP3 playback volume will make the pop-up box display in the lower left corner (thanks to chitalov for the reminder)
    * Added: If multiMAN is started via Remote Play, TV Overscan will be automatically set to 10%
    * Changed: Color labels when selecting the color for the SIDE menu
    * Changed: Browsing USB devices in XMMB will behave like real XMB (i.e. will first open /VIDEO or /MUSIC or /PICTURE folders to look for content)
    * Changed: If non-English GUI language is selected in conjunction with User Font, proper User Font will be restored after restart
    * Fixed: Setting wallpaper after PNG file was used as wallpaper
    * Fixed: Sorting order in XMMB for PS3 HDD and USB device icons.
    * Fixed: MP3 playback (when sometimes audio plays in wrong frequency)
    * Fixed: Freezing in coverflow when fast-browsing over 100 titles
    * Performance check: multiMAN does ~122fps @ 1920x1080p 59.94Hz
    * Showtime 3.1.241 available via online update and included in BASE/FULL versions

    Source And Download

    The Official multiMAN Help Forum

    Video courtesy of manster(follow him on youtube if you want :) )

    Breaking scene news, brought to you, by the only honest PS3 Scene site left.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 06/09/2011 , @ 07:19pm


    Some time passed since the latest Showtime official release was made available, now andoma releases a new version with many fixes and improvements for the PS3. The following changelog shows only the things that can be viewed on ps3 the others were specific for Linux so were discarded, for the complete changelog visit: https://github.com/andoma/showtime/commits/master

    Changelog (3.1.228 - 3.1.203):
    - Having code with side effects inside assert()
    - Remove unused define
    - Drop stray printf
    - Improve HTTP streaming slightly
    - Fix rendering of empty lines in SRT files…
    - Avoid scanning directories and probe files if media streaming FIFOs are ……
    - Plug a memoryleak
    - fixed_buffer_mem WIP
    - ps3: Fix some picture order problems…
    - ps3: Rework video decoding a bit, hopefully a bit better now
    - Use halloc() for audio buffer
    - ps3: Add support for multichannel audio
    - Added dvb programme description below programme list.
    - Add support for floating point audio in audio pipeline.…
    - Implement our own pool allocator…
    - Improve read-ahead cache a bit

    Basically, this new release brings fixes for HTTP streaming operations (e.g.: previously was impossible to play videos from Megavideo, and maybe some others), multichannel audio support (supporting fully DTS 5.1 channels!), some fixes to improve memory allocation for better reprodution of videos on ps3.

    If you find issues with facanferff’s plugins please go here: http://facanferff.co.cc to report them.

    [DOWNLOAD Latest Version]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/08/2011 , @ 10:36am


    RedSquirrel87 is at it again and this time he has updated Showtime Media Player to version 3.1.203.

    v3.1.203 - (Aug 26, 2011) - Changelog from previous build:
    • ps3: Add our own sfo.xml
    • ps3: Implement a hdd-based read-ahead cache when streaming video
    • htsp: Include description from EPG in data model
    • Fix problem when upgrading plugins
    • lang cleanup
    • tcp sockets: Move spill buffer to tcpcon_t
    • Add missing prop_unsubscribe() causing memory corruption
    • Added createInt to the plugin documentation
    • spotify: Optimize metadata handling
    • Fix null deref
    • Add support for detection if seeking in a file is a slow operation.
    • Allow service discovery to be disabled
    • httpclient: Don’t fail if we get disconnected during receive of body in 3xx and 4xx requests
    • Fix bug in JSON decoder making it choke on empty dicts
    • js: Fix missing rooting of JSObject

    [Source: Lonely Coders]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 10/08/2011 , @ 02:57am


    Well it seems in the near future you might be lucky enough to have language support for your native tongue in Showtime.  Back from vacation Andreas Oman has added a Swedish translation to Showtime.  From version 3.1.35 on you can change your language setting via Settings/ Languages. Now this is where everyone else comes in.  To contribute if you speak anything else other than English or Swedish you can visit the dedicated forum section for translations.

    Starting from 3.1.35 it is possible to translate Showtime to different languages.

    To change language in Showtime, just visit Settings -> Languages

    Initially I’ve added a translation to Swedish (as it is my native language), see the translation file here

    It’s relatively easy to translate Showtime, for details how to do this, please read docs/translations.txt

    Please, if you speak anything else than English or Swedish, don’t hesitate to contribute! There is also a dedicated forum category for translations.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 08/08/2011 , @ 12:05pm


    As you may know, I (facanferff) was working in a plugin called WatchTV that would allow you to stream live TV channels, I announced that development was cancelled due to legal problems but now I am very happy to release the plugin, I informed since that and obtained the information that I would not have any problem if I allow the user to use its own XMLs files with the channels. It means who doesn’t have XMLs files hosted in a website (any website) will not enjoy the plugin since it doesn’t bring you any channels, they are added by yourself or anyone else. All the responsibilities for using an unauthorized stream are yours, take note of that.

    With this talk and before you download Showtime + WatchTV + Channel9 + GameTrailers + Revision3, you have to know how this system works.

    1. Extract the folder called list from the archive to any place of your computer

    2. Upload it to a website that you have or wait for a known person to you do it (the folder list must not be changed, the name should be this and only this)

    3. Install the pkg provided in the package

    4. Go to Showtime’s Settings

    5. Enable WatchTV plugin, enable too the option called “Check for new versions” (this searchs for new versions of the plugin each time you open WatchTV, it is a very useful option to enable) and below that option is one called “Remote website” there you enter the full name of your website till the folder list you uploaded to that website.

    For example:

    Imagine you have uploaded the full path of list folder is this:


    You have to write with a keyboard in that option the following:


    Note: You have to include “http://” (without double quotes) for it to work otherwise you get an error

    6. Go to WatchTV plugin and you should have three folders called:

    All Channels



    What’s do each one?

    All Channels:

    Searchs all the files of the list folder supported and shows every channel in it, as a big list


    Here you can choose a genre, for example if you choose Entertainment, it will show you the channels included in the list-entertainment.xml file


    Same thing as Genres, but it will only show to you the channels of the selected country

    That’s it, you made it and you have WatchTV working.

    For Devs and people that know XML:

    If you want to add your own streams to it, add the folowing lines:

    WatchTV - List


    TV Channels

    Name of the channel

    rtmp link, consult: http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=25887

    link for the logo of the channel

    two letters identifying the country of the channel (e.g.: us)

    Do you see what’s between and that’s what you have to add each time you want to add a channel.


    1. I don’t want to upload the folder to a website, instead of that I have a website that uses your folder, what I have to do?

    If this is your case, you may bypass steps 1 and 2, and start by installing directly the pkg, once there, in the option “Remote website” write that website as specified in step 5.

    2. The genres list should have more genres, what can I do for it?

    Contact me so i can add that genre.
    [email protected]

    3. The country list is incomplete it needs more countries, what can I do for it?

    Contact me so i can add that genre.

    Attached to this message is showtime+watchtv.zip

  • Posted by Pirate , on 07/08/2011 , @ 09:55pm


    Developer RedSquirrel87 has once again updated the unofficial build of showtime.  It is now up to version v3.1.60.  This time around the update brings may great changes, you can now find several translations added, GUI fixes, and more.  Enjoy and if you haven’t tried it, seriously you should!

    v3.1.60 (Aug 07, 2011) Changes:

    • Add dutch translation
    • Drop some debug output
    • Add some lame code to handle UTF-8 BOM and CRLF line endings in update_lang.py
    • Add spanish translation
    • Fix some bugs in update_lang.py
    • Merge pull request #18 from wader/osx_fixes
    • Fix indent, use spaces
    • One more time, sort paths correctly
    • pt_PT: translate search using spotlight
    • pt_PT: add missing semicolon
    • de_DE: translate search using spotlight
    • l10n: Insert comments in .lang files where translations are missing
    • l10n: Add italian translation
    • i18n: Sort available languages
    • Add fa_dir_sort()
    • l10n: Portuguese updates
    • Portuguese translation by Andreus Sebes
    • German translation by Max Jänsch
    • Updates after slight changes in language scanner
    • Stable ordering of sources
    • Fix missing translation
    • glw: Fix some navigation bugs
    • Merge pull request #16 from wader/osx_fixes
    • Sort paths for each key as os.walk might return files in different order
    • i18n: Sync NLS changes for Mac OS X



  • Posted by Pirate , on 06/08/2011 , @ 11:36am


    RedSquirrel87 has updated the unofficial build of showtime again to version v3.1.35.


    • i18n: Add documentation for making translations
    • i18n: Make it possible to load translation via HTTP server
    • i18n: Skip utf-8 BOMs in lang files
    • l10n: Add translation for swedish language
    • i18n: Initial work on NLS (Native Language Support)
    • Fix typo
    • trap handler: Resolve symbol for fault address.
    • Add support for PROP_MOVE_CHILD in prop_concat filter

    [Download via Repack Blog] - Thanks to punkajee for news tip.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 02/08/2011 , @ 07:14pm


    We already know that “It only does Everything” but in the near future we will be able to add to that phrase “And TV”.

    I’ll explain that, at the moment, I’m (facanferff) developing a plugin that will allow anyone with a PS3 to watch TV channels live from their PS3.

    It will be a plugin for Showtime, so you will only need two things: a Jailbroken PS3 and Showtime installed (with that plugin). The last package will be released once the plugin has more TV channels available, at the moment, and because it is a WIP in start, it has already working every channel of ONE HD and NRJ (all subtypes of both).

    And because I like to hear people, I want to know, what are your favourite TV Channels that you would like to be incorporated in the plugin? Post them in the thread or e-mail them to [email protected]

    Channels currently supported:

    See the continued updated list here.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/07/2011 , @ 11:38pm


    Developer Redsquirrel87 doesn’t give it a rest. He has been getting down to business by releasing another unofficial build of Showtime!  The repack is currently at version 3.1.27.  There are some more small changes to be enjoyed.


    -Remove unused file commandmenu.view
    -glw: Replace int2str() with fmt()
    -glw: Replace float2str with fmt()
    -glw: Add fmt()
    -glw: Fix typo causing count() not to work


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/07/2011 , @ 06:31pm


    The Showtime has been updated with new fixes since the latest unofficial build. This version 3.1.22 brings add fixes to Showtime, making it more stable. I should alert that this build is unofficial, so it may be unstable, it was tested by myself (facanferff) and it works very well.

    In addition to that, I added two new amazing plugins that are not available at the moment in the official GIT, they are: Revision3 (author: NP) and Channel9 (author: facanferff). These two plugins were testes by myself, I should alert the HD feature on Revision3 plugin needs some work but for Channel9 it works very well (only gives some “CPU too slow …” alerts).

    If you find problems with any of those plugins you may issue them here: https://github.com/facanferff/showtime

    Do you have suggestions about Channel9′s plugin? If so, please contact me (facanferff), I’m working in it at this moment.